Elitis Halo PVCu Windows
Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn Inwards Windows

Frame Styles for our Tilt and Turn Inwards Opening Windows

We offer both the smooth curves of our Ovolo system and the sharp lines of our Bevelled system across our range of Tilt and Turn Inwards Windows

Ideal for when the authentic look and feel of a traditional sculptured window is desired, but the functionality and performance of a modern uPVC is demanded. With a distinctive two part opening mechanism to allow for either ventilation or full opening; the blend of aesthetics and technology combine to present an inward opening window solution available in a large assortment of colours and woodgrain options

What is more, we can Colourbond your windows in virtually any colour combination for the hundreds of available RAL colours - including dual colour, in smooth and textured
We design your windows on our laptops and tablets in-store or in your home, so you can see exactly the style and finish, as you are making your choices - you also get to see how design and colour choices affect price
All styles come with your choice of Clear, Obscure, Satin, Leaded, Georgian or decorative glass with Stains and Bevel

Window Energy Ratings

As part of the Governments overall initiative to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissions, they have put controls in place to reduce the energy lost from domestic dwellings

Window heat loss can account for up to 30% of the total heat loss from your home. Therefore replacement windows are now energy rated which will help to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and help cut the cost of heating bills. Ultimate window profiles along with the glass sealed unit specification are fed into a computerised simulation test to measure

Based on the results, windows are then rated from A-G with A-Rating being the most thermally efficient

Double and Triple Glazing

Our Halo Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows are available in Double and Triple Glazed options

Double Glazed

  • 28mm Unit
  • Integral Blinds option
  • Best performance to price
  • Typically 2.8 times better thermal performance than old double glazing, and up to 5 times better than single glazed

Triple Glazed

  • 28mm, 32mm and 36mm Unit Options
  • Increase in heat retention compared to double glazed (typically 0.2u) when used in a 32mm or 36mm unit (compared to 28mm)
  • Improved sound reduction compared to double glazed
  • Lead decoration if required can be applied to the centre unit, making aging from weather and cleaning a thing of the past

Reduce home heat loss and save money with Energy Efficient Windows

Why choose Halo?

In order to meet the governments thermal performance targets and current Building Regulations, all replacement PVC-u windows are to achieve a U-value not exceeding 1.6 (W/m2.K), therefore certified to Energy Ratings "C" or better

All Heronhurst Halo® Tilt and Turn Windows are certified A

Typical A-rated Sealed Unit

Made to measure

All Ultimate® window and door profiles are produced 70mm in depth, often the same depth as conventional wooden windows

Because of this, Ultimate® frames are more likely to provide a direct replacement for the windows that have been removed and will refit up against existing plaster lines for a neater finish

Advanced compression

Internal and external gaskets are fused to all sections which will prevent the seals shrinking over time

A 9mm ‘flipper’ seal compresses  against the glass sealed unit to ensure ultimate weather protection. The seal remains in-line with the profiles to enhance the finished appearance

Chambered Profile

The PVC-u profiles have internal chambers that will not only help improve thermal performance but can also include metal reinforcing as and when specified to add rigidity and strength to the frame

Built to last

Manufactured from 3mm Grade-A PVC-u, Ultimate® profiles guarantee a consistent, superb surface finish. An internally sloped surface directs any water penetration away from the window via a built-in drainage route

Safety, industry-leading security, and quality built-in as standard, giving you complete peace of mind

Doors and windows are at the heart of your home's security, and we design our products to ensure that visitors to your home are only the welcome ones

Features and benefits

  • Advanced Point Multi-System locking you can rely on
  • Double and Triple Glazing options
  • Weatherseal for non-shrink, non-stain weather seals that last the test of time
  • Secure locking system ensures they withstand more pressure than standard locks on surface mounted competitive systems
  • Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond where required
  • Every one of our Ultimate Windows has Multi-Chamber Profile for great strength and improved insulation
  • Great insulation u-values for the glazing and the frames that improve your home's comfort, and help reduce your energy consumption, footprint and cost
  • Low maintenance Grade A PVCu retains it's good looks for decades and extends life-span of the window
  • Eco Friendly Manufacture  - We seek excellence in every aspect of business and set the same standards in our commitment to the environment
  • 100% Calcium organic material - and fully recyclable, PVCu now becomes the earth and your friend, and can be recycled up to 10 times over 350 years
  • Achieves great SAP Calculations under the Code for Sustainable Homes initiative, a BFRC A Energy Rating, and a BRE expected lifecycle in excess of 35 years

Our windows make more of ambient heat

In winter, the energy efficient coated glass used in our windows retains warmth within the home. It’s also designed to exploit radiant heat energy from the sun. These properties result in significant fuel savings compared to a single glazed dwelling

Above: The images show just how effective fitting energy efficient windows to your property can be. The right-hand side of the property still has the original windows – the reds and pinks show heat escaping. However, the new extension on the left is fitted with energy efficient windows, the lack of reds and pinks proving they help dramatically reduce heat loss

Energy Saving Windows and Doors - A Better Choice for Your Home

Modern double glazing doesn’t just look good. It can save you money too. From styling to performance to saving energy, our advanced glazing technologies are engineered to give you a comfortable, secure, quiet, energy efficient home

Reduce wasted energy and cut bills

Choosing energy efficient windows, doors and conservatories to replace single glazed or older double glazed units saves energy from day one. In fact, replacing the windows alone could reduce your heating costs by up to 20% - perhaps worth up to £321 a year*

Choose better looking frames

Clear, uncluttered sightlines ensure windows look well proportioned, elegant and attractive. Features like our low sightline weatherseal ensure performance and style with savings

Reduce condensation and noise

Lowering heat loss at glass edges can cut window, external door and conservatory condensation by up to 80%. Glass units and our high performance gasket helps reduce noise pollution over a wider temperature range, too

Joint System

Our Halo® Collection Tilt and Turn Inward Opening Window System can be manufactured with our ClassicWeld


Flat White
White Grain
Agate Grain
Pebble Grain
Cream Grain
Chartwell Grain
Silver Grey Grain
Slate Grain
Anthracite Grain
Black Grain
Stipple Anthracite
Spectral Anthracite
Irish Oak Woodgrain
Golden Oak Woodgrain
Rosewood Woodgrain
AnTeak Woodgrain

Key Colours with ColourLAB ColourBond for our uPVC Windows in Bespoke COlours

or go bespoke with ColourLAB selecting from an extensive range of on-trend colour pallets

Tilt and Turn Inwards Opening Window Gallery

As Approved Halo® uPVC Window and Door Suppliers and Installers we offer supply and installation services throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Usk, Monmouth, Brecon, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Merthyr areas and beyond

Made in the UK

Our Tilt and Turn Inward Opening Windows are individually made in Stoke-on-Trent UK


Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

Window Style Min Width Min Height Max Width Max Height Design Wind Pressure
Tilt and Turn 500mm 500mm1300mm 1550mm800 Pa - 2400 Pa
Fixed Frame300mm 206mm 3000mm  3000mm800 Pa - 2400 Pa 
Based on Double Glazed 4mm+Argon+4mm Glass Units, other glass specifications will change the unit weight and therefore the maximum sash sizes

Means of Escape

When replacing any window, the opening should be sized to provide at least the same potential for escape as the window it replaces. If the original window that is being replaced was larger than necessary for the purpose of escape, then the new window opening could be reduced to the minimum as specified in the criteria below

The means of escape should be considered for any new window installed to an extension or existing dwelling. If an escape window is required, then criteria set out below should be followed. It is also generally good practice to replace any window on the first floor that is not used as an escape window with an escape window

See below for the general criteria for egress windows:

  • Width and Height - Either of these are not to be any less than 450mm
  • Clear Openable Area - No less than 0.33m²
  • Sill height - The bottom of the openable area should be no more than 1100mm above the floor area

Only one window per room is required


Windows and doors provide ventilation to rooms within a dwelling and rules apply to how much ventilation. The type and extent of ventilation will be dependent on the use and size of the room. For example, rooms where steam will be produced (kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms etc) should be provided with higher levels of ventilation (normally mechanical fans and windows) than other rooms where suitably sized window openings and background ("trickle") ventilators may suffice

Safety glazing

Safety glazing should be provided to any glass in a critical area. Below is a list giving general view as to when safety glazing is required:

  • Unobstructed openable area: At least 0.33 square metres and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide
  • Within any glazed door up to 1500mm from floor level

Unless otherwise stated, all glazing provided by Heronhurst is Safety Glazing (Toughened) as standard regardless of its location, for your peace of mind

New Build and Extensions

PAS Certification or Document Q

Should you Building Inspector require a certain specification, please request this at time of Quotation and we can build our windows and doors to meet or exceed that specification across most ranges, styles and sizes