Window Layouts and Features

You can style your new Windows the way you want, with this collection just a selection of what we have available


Good window design is what works best on the house, and there is no one-rule fits all

When equal sightlines and perfect symmetry is the goal, the use of dummy (non-opening windows that look like openers) in conjunction with openings great a great visual balance

Window Layouts Equal SightlinesEqual Sightlines

This option uses dummy (non-opening) sashes to create the effect of everything opening - and a fully balanced glass size throughout for those that love symetry

Window Layouts Non Equal SightlinesNon-Equal Sightlines

Today's normal, the mixed use of fixed and opening windows gives unequal glass sizes, but more light and helps lower cost


A very traditional method to add character and charm to the right property, we use real lead in your choice of Silver or Antique (blackened), and Gold effect finishes, and in 6mm and 9mm thicknesses

Window Layouts Diamond Lead

Diamond Lead

Window Layouts Box Square Lead

Box Lead

Window Layouts Border Lead

Border Lead

Georgian Bar

Set between the glazing, Georgian Bar gives a nod to traditional window design, in a lighter, easier to maintain system. Available in a limited range of colour options

Window Layouts Georgian Bar Between the Glass

Internal Georgian Box

Astragal Authentic Bar

True look and feel of genuine timber bar designs recreated for modern double glazed PVCu and Aluminium Windows. With bars you can touch both inside and outside of the home, creating authentic detail

Window Layouts Astragal Box Grid

Astragal Box

Window Layouts Border Astragal Bar

Border Astragal

Window Layouts Astragal Cottage Bar SingleAstragal Cottage Single

Window Layouts Astragal Cottage Bar Twin 2 Bar

Astragal Cottage Twin