DoorStop Composite Door Maintenance Guide

Made with the best materials, packed with safety features and thoroughly tried and tested, your door has been built to last. And you can keep it that way by following some simple care tips. Just think of this as your handbook to enjoying many happy years of security and quality. If you want to know more, please contact Heronhurst who will be happy to help

Cleaning your door

Your DoorStop door will stay in top condition with just one clean a month! Here's how to care for each part of your door

Door Leaf

Keep the grime and grit away with warm soap water (not washing up liquid) and wipe with a soft cloth

Door Frame

Wash with warm soapy water

External Glass

Wash with warm soapy water with a soft cloth

Leaded Glass

Wash with warm soapy water

Hardware (Handles, Knockers, etc.)

Take a clean cloth and warm water with a mild detergent, then simply wipe clean to a shine

Maintaining your door


Keep them at their best by lubricating with a little light engineering oil - e.g. 3 in 1

Cylinder Locks

Need lubricating with a Teflon based lubricant

These are sensitive so don't use oil or graphite powder

Hardware (Handles, Knockers, etc.)

Just add a touch of light engineering oil on all moving parts

Especially important if you are living near the cost, or by a building site or industrial area



  • Washing up liquid or detergent
  • Abrasive cleaners or scouring pads
  • High pressure or Steam cleaners
  • Bleach, solvents (spirits and thinners) or adhesives
  • Before cleaning your door remove all rings, bracelets, and watches

Important - protect your door from natural thermal distortion by ensuring the top and bottom locking points are engaged by pulling the handle up every time you shut the door

Care and Maintenance Guide kindly reproduced from DoorStop International consumer literature, for use with their products


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