We offer a wide variety of Smart Glass options including the industry leading Cool-Lite SKN 176 II High Performance Solar Control Glazing

The purpose of Smart Glass is to go above and beyond normal glazing

Today's double and triple glazing is already multiple times better insulated than the double glazing used just ten or so years ago - so it's already great at keeping you warm

Smart  Glass is designed to work for you all year round, however, and in particular in areas that are highly exposed

The Climate Control Range

At the heart of the Smart Glass range lies tried and tested technology, specially developed by one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers

Celsius Glass Glazed Unit

Smart Glass

We offer a wide variety of Smart Glass options including the industry leading Climate Control Glazing

Feel the difference

The Climate Control range of glass brought to the market a high-performance product that brought new standards to the industry. With the whole range offering a U-value of 1.0, and UV protection, we are very proud to offer a leading glass system from the solar glass market

The range made is up of Climate Control  and Climate Control Clear will allow you to specify your glazing to fit most circumstances, and to suit both roof and frames. Climate Control is suitable for residential and commercial installations,

How does performance glass work?

Climate Control Performance Glass utilises a Low-E and Solar control combination coating, with an Argon filled cavity, to control the amount of visible light, UV and heat that pass through the glazed unit

Glass unit construction

Performance Glass sealed units are constructed using various layers / components, to help bring the systems unique benefits

Please note that these are for illustration purposes only, and not exact thickness scales and the colours shown are not indicative of actual glass colouring

Cool-Lite SKN 176 II


Typical example SGG Plainiclear internal with SGG Cool-lite SKN 176 II External 6mm+6mm

Light Transmission

The special microscopic coating applied to COOL-LITE SKN 176 II allows for clarity and neutrality, with no unwelcome tint which can detract from a building’s looks. It is designed to optimise light transmittance too, reduces the requirement for interior lighting during daylight hours – this helps reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions even further


U-value measures internal heat loss, the lower the number, the greater the insulation


Lower g-Values mean less heat gain, helping keep indoor temporatures more controllable

Visible light transmission 34%

Softens the impact of natural light through the roof of your conservatory, for increased comfort

Visible Light Transmittance: This is the percentage of visible light directly transmitted through the glass.

Solar Factor: This is the percentage of total solar energy (or heat from the sun) able to pass through the glass.

U-Value: This is used to measure internal heat loss during cooler periods. The lower the number, the greater the insulation.

UV Transmission: Sun damaging UV rays are dramatically reduced, allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.

Fast Facts

The range carries the BS EN 1279-2 and BS EN 12150-1 standards and is backed by a 10-year warranty against seal failure

Like all our glazing, our Smart Glass range is always toughened or Laminated for your safety

6mm Laminate is standard and 4mm Toughened is also available

Our Smart Glass is suitable for residential and commercial installations

As Approved Smart Glass Climate Control Suppliers and Installers we offer supply and installation services throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Usk, Monmouth, Brecon, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Merthyr areas and beyond