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Halo® Imagine® | Sliding Patio | PVCu Doors

Halo® Imagine® Sliding Patio Doors

Versatile and functional, the Halo® Imagine® Sliding Patio Door can be tailored to any application with a range of optional configurations including; a choice of two, three or four pane opening sashes, an option for both doors to slide, internal or external sliding sashes, and multiple thresholds (including a low easy access option which can be Part M compliant)

The Imagine® Patio Door is available with a smooth sculptured ovolo bead and has been designed with a clever interlock for increased security

Enjoy the blend of indoor and outdoor living with the Halo Imagine Sliding Patio Door, allowing light, space and fresh air into your home with all the security, safety, style and practicality you would expect by choosing uPVC Patio Doors from VEKA Group

The beauty of the Halo Sliding Patio Door lies in its ability to provide virtually unhindered views of your garden while barely touching your living space. Your Halo Sliding Patio Door has quality, security and thermal insulation built-in – not to mention beautiful aesthetics!

With a range of smooth colour and woodgrain options, a suite of specially selected handles and low easy-access option for a seamless transition from living space to garden, your Imagine Patio Door can be tailored to your style and needs

Halo PVCu Imagine Patio Sliding Door in Golden Oak

Enjoy the blend of indoor and outdoor living with the Halo Imagine® Sliding Patio Door

Halo PVCu Imagine Patio Sliding Door in Anthracite Grey

Safe, secure and Energy Efficient

Halo PVCu Imagine Patio Sliding Door Thermal Performance

By using triple glazing, a U-Value of 1.2 can be achieved, reducing energy bill costs and increasing energy efficiency

The Halo Sliding Patio Door can reach an indicative WER rating of A+2 using our latest generation Double Glazing and to an A+3 using Triple Glazing

Safe and Secure

The PAS 24 ready locking kit forms a formidable barrier against intruders

Weather Resistant

Multiple chamber sashes, the option for triple glazing, double brush seals on all four sides and an innovative quadruple-seal interlock keeps the warmth in and the weather out

Halo PVCu Imagine Patio Sliding Doors in Anthracite Grey on to decking

Bring the outdoors

in Maximum sash size up to 1,400mm per section, choose up to four glazing panels and the option for multiple sliding doors allowing light to flood into your living space

Imagine your Sliding Patio Door, your way

Halo PVCu Imagine Patio Sliding Door Layout Guide Options

Flat White
White Grain
Cream Grain
Agate Grain
Silver Grey Grain
Slate Grain
Anthracite Grain
Black Grain
Stipple Anthracite
Spectral Anthracite
Golden Oak WoodGrain
Rosewood WoodGrain

Tech Spec

Mininmum and Maximum Dimensions

 Style Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height
 2 Panel Inline Slider. 94mm Meeting Stile 1600mm 3000mm 2000mm 2400mm
 3 Panel Inline Slider 2400mm 4000mm 2000mm 2400mm
 4 Panel Inline Slider 3000mm 5000mm 2000mm 2400mm

*Note Maximum height can be extended (or minimum reduced) by being sited on a 30mm External Sill and the use of Frame Extenders to the head

Outer Frame

88mm Rebated to 71mm depth / 58mm height



Up to 116mm depth

Thermal Performance

Achieves U-Values as low as 1.4 W/m2K when using Double Glazing

Achieves U-Values as low as 1.2 W/m2K using Triple Glazing

Thermal performance data varies based on design and specifications chosen

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