Dual Aspect

Decorative Glazing for Gallery44 Composite Doors

Dual Aspect Decorative Glazing

The Perfect Compliment for Gallery44 Composite Doors

Duo Diamond

A classic by design ‘Duo Diamond’ is characterised by its distinctive diamond cut bevels with brilliant cut starbursts to their centre. Triple glazed with zinc came and glue chip backing


Triple glazed decorative design at its very best! Black came, cut hammered and stipple backing textures give a lovely, graceful look. Due to high demand this choice is featured in most door styles


A wonderful traditional stained- glass design with the modern twist of being triple glazed. This vibrant model combines colourful antique look cut glass with aged black came. Ideal for period and character properties


Available just in our modern long door ‘Midnight’ has a detailed etched backing design embellished with thick high- quality kiln formed black tiles. Sleek, modern and a real asset to any home


This lavish triple glazed bevel cluster features crystal cut glue chip bevels, zinc came and a hammered effect backing glass. It is a real statement piece and available in most door options


An extremely popular option ‘Cameo’ is a triple glazed decorative panel featuring crystal cut glass bevels. Backing textures have been carefully selected to compliment well some of the most popular backing glasses used in side panels or top lights.


Ultra-modern triple glazing with amazing laser cut polished stainless- steel inserts. ‘Triline’ is a real showstopper and is aesthetically stunning. A ‘must see’ product


Deeply carved rings refract the light with stunning effect. Unlike traditional bullions these opulent grooves are encapsulated within the insulated glass unit for ease of cleaning


This age-old classic combines a well-known central bevel cluster, zinc came and glue chip. In addition, a stipple backing texture provides a great contrast to the elliptical sections. The panel is triple glazed


This much-loved option offers obscurity through it’s frosted centre yet the ability to easily view out of the home through the clear outer border


This very clean option has a brilliant-cut bevel to its outer face with a very smooth sandblasted surrounding backing glass. The sandblast highlights particular well the deeply grooved clear channels


This well-known design is simple and elegant working very well both in traditional and contemporary properties. This glass combines a satin effect backing with clear dividing lines


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