Smart® VisoGlide® Plus Aluminium Sliding Doors

Super-slide wide expanse Patio Doors

How will Smart Visoglide Plus Patio Doors enhance my property?

Smart Visoglide Plus doors offer a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your property. Here are some key ways these innovative sliding patio doors can add value

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Visoglide Plus doors feature a sleek, contemporary design that can elevate the overall look of your property. With their wide glass panels, they offer a modern and sophisticated touch, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces and providing panoramic views of your surroundings

Increased Natural Light

The capability to support large glass panels, up to 2500mm wide, means that these doors allow an abundance of natural light to enter your home or commercial space. This not only creates a more inviting and vibrant environment but can also help reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, offering potential energy savings

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

Designed with extended polyamide thermal breaks, Visoglide Plus doors excel in thermal insulation, achieving ‘U’ Values as low as 1.0 W/m²K. This superior thermal performance ensures that your space remains comfortable year-round, helps in reducing heating and cooling costs, and contributes to a more energy-efficient property

Create a feeling of light and space using an expanse of uninterrupted glass with the Smart Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

The technical design of the Smart Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors make them ideal for large-span areas and situations where bi-folding doors may not be so appropriate such as areas exposed to high winds or upper floor apartments. A Sliding Patio Door will offer you the largest uninterrupted glass area and once open doesn’t take up room on a patio or balcony, or inside the home

Made-to-measure and fitted to the highest standard, the Smart Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors deliver optimum performance. Tested to the highest industry standards, Smart Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors easily glide with guaranteed reliability. The strong, thermally efficient aluminium frames create dramatic sliding sashes with large glass areas without compromising thermal performance or weather resistance

Using advanced glass technology and superior insulation to keep your home warm, the Smart Sliding Patio Doors form a thermally efficient glass facade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful view

Available in two, three, four, or six panels, all patio doors are double- or triple-glazed with special sliding mechanisms to enable even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly on a double- or triple-track, whatever their size

Smart® Visoglide® Plus Patio Sliding Doors

Smart® Visoglide® Plus Sliding Patio Doors are a premium choice for both residential and commercial spaces, designed to blend durability, aesthetic appeal and thermal efficiency into one sophisticated product.

These sliding patio doors are distinguished by their advanced engineering, featuring extended polyamide thermal breaks that significantly enhance their weather resistance and strength. This design innovation allows the Visoglide® Plus doors to achieve impressive ‘U’ Values as low as 1.0 W/m²K, demonstrating their superior thermal performance and energy efficiency

Smart Visoglide Plus: colours and configurations

Available in a variety of pane configurations ranging from 2 to 6 panes, Visoglide Plus doors offer flexibility in design while providing expansive, unobstructed views, making them an excellent alternative to Bi-Folding doors. They can support wide glass panels, up to 2500mm, which allows for an abundance of natural light to flood into any room, enhancing the sense of space and connection to the outdoor environment

Visoglide Plus sliding patio doors come in a vast range of textured colour finishes from the Smarts Architectural Range as well as any colour from the RAL palette, offering unparalleled customisation options. Visoglide Plus doors are not just functional; they are a statement piece that can elevate the aesthetic of any space, creating a relaxed atmosphere filled with light and offering spectacular views of the outdoors

Colour Options

Matt Black RAL 9005
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Gloss White KL009

Cotswold Colours

For traditional projects and conservation areas, the Cotswold colour range is the perfect choice with its selection of classic shades and warm tones. It provides the ideal finish for both new-builds and heritage properties

CWD001 Burford White
CWD002 Bourton Cream
CWD003 Bilbury Stream
CWD004 Bath Stone
CWD005 Cheltenham Stone
CWD006 Fairford Tile
CWD007 Moreton Ground
CWD008 Painswick Grey
CWD009 Tetbury Field
CWD010 Wotton Olive
CWD011 Stroud Sky
CWD012 Cotswold Green
CWD013 Chedworth Green
CWD014 Westonbirt Leaf
CWD015 Slad Stone

Sensations Textured Colours

Our range of metallic finishes that offers an unbeatable combination of style and durability. Popular for use in both architectural and restoration projects, the unique palette of colours opens up a whole new approach to aluminium doors

The Sensations range is resistant to corrosion with a durable, scratch-resistant finish

Our image reproduction doesn't show well the silver stipple texture built-in to every Sensations finish

SEN001 Velour White
SEN002 Dune
SEN003 Sand
SEN004 Sienna Brown
SEN005 Mars Red
SEN007 Ocean Blue
SEN009 Sky Blue
SEN010 Provence Green
SEN011 Amazon Green
SEN012 Antique Green
SEN013 Obsidian Black
SEN014 Vulcan Black
SEN015 Antique Grey
SEN016 Platinum Grey
SEN017 Silver Grey
SEN018 Olive Green
SEN021 Cocoa Brown
SEN022 Frost White
SEN024 Chestnut Brown
SEN025 Desert Grey
SEN026 Diamond Grey
SEN028 Steel Blue
SEN031 Caramel
SEN032 Basque Red

Naturals Colours

Colour-rich coatings in a variety of shades and hues are available in our Naturals range, offering a stylish colour coating for your doors

The Naturals range offers versatile shade options and full-protection for your home’s aluminium doors

KL001 Cream
KL002 Dark Red
KL003 Dark Blue
KL004 Dark Green
KL005 Anthracite Grey
KL006 Brown
KL007 Dark Brown
KL008 Matt Black
KL009 Gloss White
KL010 White
KL011 Off White
KL012 Grey
KL013 Dark Grey
KL014ST Textured Anthracite
KL015ST Textured Black

Alchemy Colours

Alchemy is our premier range of finishes. An innovative, new solution; it is a hybrid of anodised and powder coating. The range combines the aesthetics of an anodised finish with the high level of protection and durability that a powder coat finish offers

ALC001 Black
ALC002 Anodic Bronze
ALC003 Gold
ALC004 Golden Beach
ALC005 Titanium Grey
ALC006 Silver
ALC007 Storm Grey
ALC008 Steel Grey

Creations Colours

Perfect for designer doors, the Creations colour range is designed to offer a striking, distinctive solution. These elegant, timeless shades create an elegant, bespoke focal point for a home

CTN001 Sapphire Blue
CTN002 Pastel Blue
CTN003 Mint Green
CTN004 Moss Green
CTN005 Ruby Red
CTN006 Zinc Yellow
CTN007 Melon Yellow

Will my Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors be energy efficient?

Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating advanced features that ensure they are an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their property’s thermal performance and reduce energy consumption

The doors are designed with extended polyamide thermal breaks, a crucial feature for enhancing thermal insulation. These breaks effectively interrupt the thermal path through the door frame, reducing heat transfer from the inside to the outside of your property and vice versa. This means that during winter, heat stays inside, and in summer, it stays outside, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate without excessive use of heating or cooling systems

By installing Visoglide Plus sliding patio doors, you contribute positively to the overall energy performance of your property. Not only do they help in reducing your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but they also support your efforts in making your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly

Visoglide Configurations


Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors?

Smart Visoglide Plus doors are highly customisable, offering pane configurations ranging from 2 to 6 panes. They support wide glass panels, capable of reaching up to 2500mm in width, ensuring flexibility to fit various architectural designs and personal preferences.

Are Visoglide Plus doors suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely. Visoglide Plus doors are engineered for both residential and commercial settings, offering robust performance, weather resistance, and sleek styling to suit offices, restaurants, and other commercial venues, as well as private homes.

How can I find a local installer for Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors?

We offer an installation service for Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors within the following counties: Monmouthshire, Powys, Newport, Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr, Cardiff, Hereford and parts of Glocestershire

How do I maintain my Visoglide Plus doors to ensure longevity?

Maintaining your Visoglide Plus doors involves regular cleaning of glass and frames with mild detergent, removing debris from tracks, and checking seals and hardware periodically to ensure everything is in good working order. This simple routine can significantly extend the life and performance of your doors.

Available in Super-Slide and Lift and Side options

Super-Slide Designs

Lift and Side Designs



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As Approved Installers for Smart Aluminium Visiglide Plus Sliding Patio Doors, we offer our dedicated survey and install service throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Usk, Monmouth, Brecon, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Merthyr areas and beyond 

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