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Top 3 Composite Door Styles in the UK
Top 3 Composite Door Glass Designs in the UK
Top 4 Composite Door Colours in the UK
Top 3 Composite Door Styles and Glass Designs in the UK

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Gallery44 Composite Door House Front Entrance with Front Windows
Our Composite Door Collection is a complete range of thermally efficient composite doors manufactured to the highest quality standards. Choose from Traditional or Contemporary styles to best suit your home

We can also offer toplights and sidelights to accompany your door when required in either a matching composite side panel or glass screen options

For easy access we offer a Building Regulations Part M compliant aluminium threshold


Whether you’re returning home from a busy day or welcoming a visitor, you want your front door to create a great first impression so only the most stunning doors feature in our collection

Take inspiration from our contemporary and traditional door styles to choose the look which compliments your home.  Bold colours, finished to modern technical standards will not only enhance the appearance of your home but require virtually no maintenance so you can relax in the knowledge that the hard work has been done for you

Gallery44 Modern Composite Door Glass Design
Gallery44 Modern Composite Door Design for Family Home


Let your door really make an entrance by selecting stylish accessories.  Handles can be fitted in either modern handle positions or choose a more traditional door pull fitted centrally together with the heritage lock position

Stunning glazing options allow you to flood your hallway with light, compliment the colour of the door with coloured glass, or maintain your privacy by choosing a solid door panel.  No need to worry about heat loss either as our doors are well insulated and we only use the most energy efficient glass

Original Collection

Gallery44 Original Composite Door Designs

Discover the industry-leading HD composite doors

  • Minimal maintenance alternative to traditional door materials
  • Made with reinforced GRP skins for a harder-wearing finish
  • Outstanding thermal performance and minimal thermal expansion
  • Robust design for enhanced security and peace of mind
  • 1000s of style combinations available with GLAZiNG and PAiNT

Gallery44 Composite Door Structure HD Foam Core


A warm home is a happy home and the ORiGINAL high density foam core allows these doors to have a significantly better ‘U’ value than any other option on the market, plus our entire range meets with the requirements of the current Building Regulations

Gripcore Series

Gallery44 GripCore Super Strong Modern Door Designs

GRiPCORE is the cutting-edge modern-day addition to any home

  • Multi-Modal Core including Timber, Foam and Aluminium for performance, feel and security
  • 4mm signature DoorCo GRP skins  for premium look and feel  with no de-lamination or cracking 
  • Robust design for security and peace of mind
  • 1000s of style combinations available with GLAZiNG and PAiNT

Gallery44 Composite Door Structure GripCore MultiModal Timber Core

GRiPCORE technology® offers a superior composite door option compared to everything else on the market. From its multi-modal core engineered with a hybrid of traditional and modern materials, to the 4mm DoorCo signature skins, and the innovative one-size-fits-all design, GRiPCORE technology is a cutting-edge modern-day addition to any home

Gallery44 Composite Door Glass Design Options

Glazing Collection

Over 50 Glass Styles

Gallery44 Composite Door Paint Colour Options

Paint Collection

Over 300 colour options available

Traditional Doors

The range of traditional doors are designed to replicate the most popular timber doors and come with highly defined mouldings and realistic wood-grain embossing on the surface. Whether used in a Victorian home, a modern townhouse or a farmhouse cottage, these doors always add to the appearance of the entryway and with the widest range of styles available in the market, there is a door for everyone

These doors are transformed by the choice of decorative glass and colour and with 42 door colours available and a huge range of glass options from the simple diamonds of Classic through to the stunning multi-faced bevelling and black chrome of Reflections, these doors can make a real statement

With the range of Traditional door styles, we can also tailor the furniture to suit your tastes. Finger pulls are an option should you wish to change from the standard lever lever handle

Contemporary Doors

DoorCo’s range of contemporary doors has simple clean lines to complement architectural design. The modern styling of the FLiP and Inox cassettes systems deliver a flush, squared-off frame for our wide choice of contemporary glass choices, setting new parameters for upmarket entrances where personal expression and customisation are key

Gallery44 Composite Door Black No. 10 Style Classic Design in Victorian House

Door Style Mouldings

Choose from designs incorporating Traditional Raised and Fielded, Farmhouse Plank, Monza and Urban Flush designs

Composite Door Traditional Raised and Fielded PanelTraditional
Composite Door Farmhouse Plank PanelFarmhouse Plank
Composite Door Monza Horizontal Lined PanelMonza
Composite Door Urban Flush Flat Grain PanelUrban Flush
Gallery44 Composite Door in Chartwell Green in Cotswold Stone House with Cream Windows

3 Design Languages

Composite Doors Traditional Styles


Composite Doors Contemporary Styles


Composite Doors Urban Styles


Textured Privacy Glass

Textured Obscure Privacy glass options allow you to match or contract with existing windows in your home.  A choice of Backing Glass is available from the range below for times when clear or decorative glass isn't selected

Cotswold Privacy Glass in Composite Door


Privacy Level 5

Contora Privacy Glass in Composite Door

Privacy Level 4

Digital Privacy Glass in Composite DoorDigital

Privacy Level 3

Flemish Privacy Glass in Composite DoorFlemish

Privacy Level 1

Minster Privacy Glass in Composite DoorMinster

Privacy Level 2

Oak Privacy Glass in Composite DoorOak

Privacy Level 4

Stippolyte Privacy Glass in Composite DoorStippolyte

Privacy Level 4

with a fine selection of Signature Deco Glass to set of your door perfectly

Lead and Stain Composite Door Glass Designs Deco
Bevel Composite Door Glass Designs Deco
Urban Modern Steel Composite Door Glass Designs Deco
Modena Composite Door Glass Designs Deco

Lock Position Options

Sometimes the small details really make the difference. That’s why we’ve even considered lock positions when it comes to creating the perfect door. Simply choose the option that best suits you to add the personal finishing touch

Composite Doors Heritage High Level Auto Slam Shut Lock

The Heritage Lock option allows you to place the lock higher up the door for all slam shut designs

Composite Doors Contemporary Mid Level Auto Slam Shut Lock

The AutoLock option places the lock close to the lower middle of the door for all slam shut designs

Door Locks and Hardware

Our multipoint lock range offers outstanding protection against attempted burglary with our doors having passed the rigorous PAS 24: 2012 tests including: manual attack, mechanical load, soft and hard body impact, plus a key/thumb cut through test. The lock will comprise of a series of hooks with a centre deadbolt lock case

The hooks are engaged into receivers in the outer frame upon lifting the  handle or by a semi-automatic  function on ‘slam-shut’  variants. The designs protect  the door from forced entry by remaining firm inside the receiver

Contemporary Doors

Grained contemporary doors replicate modern timber door styles.  With colour matching cassettes to frame the glass, they offer a range of modern designs with a wide choice of glazing options

Many doors offer the option of central glazing or offset glazing on the hinge side

Pull Bar Length Options

Big and chunky, small and dainty, the choice is yours. We have various pull bar lengths to let you add yet another personal stamp on your chosen door. Simply choose an option and we’ll do the rest!

Composite Doors Stainless Steel Pull Bar Long
Composite Doors Stainless Steel Pull Bar Medium Mid
Composite Doors Stainless Steel Pull Bar Short

Urban Doors

The Urban range of contemporary doors has a stipple finish, creating a clean, modern look

Composite Doors Urban Styles

Sidelights and Top lights

For larger openings, we offer a range of sidelights and top lights to complement the composite door

With a multitude of frame options and decorative glass choices, sidelights and top lights  are designed to be an integral part of the entrance

Which core is right for you?

HD Foam Core for Composite Doors
HD Core

High Density Foam Filled Door Core for superior insulation and light-weight design

Composite Doors GripCore MultiModal Core Timber

Solid Timber Core Engineered Timber for exceptional security and real timber door feel

Traditional Raised and Fielded

Eaton_4_Lite_Grid.pngEaton 4 Lite Grid
Eaton_Solid-1.pngEaton Solid
Lytham_4_Lite_Grid.pngLytham 4 Grid
Muirfield_Solid.pngMuirfield Solid
St_Andrews_Solid.pngSt Andrews Solid
St_Andrews.pngSt Andrews
Portrush_Sunburst.pngPortrush Sunburst
Turnberry_Grid.pngTurnbury Grid
Knightsbridge_Solid.pngKnightsbridge Solid
Lytham_Grid.pngLytham Grid
Riviera_Sunburst.pngRiviera Sunburst
Tatton_4_Lite_Grid.pngTatton 4 Lite Grid
Tatton_Grid.pngTatton Grid

Plank Farmhouse

Augusta_Centre_Farmhouse-1.pngAugusta Centre Farmhouse
Augusta_Left_Farmhouse.pngAugusta Side Farmhouse
Augusta_Long_2_Farmhouse.pngAugusta Long 2 Farmhouse
Augusta_Long_Centre_Farmhouse.pngAugusta Long Centre Farmhouse
Augusta_Long_Left_Farmhouse.pngAugusta Long Side Farmhouse
Augusta_Long_Right_Farmhouse.pngAugusta Side Farmhouse
Belfrey_3_Farmhouse.pngBelfry 3 Farmhouse
Belfrey_3_Left_Farmhouse.pngBelfrey 3 Side Farmhouse
Belfrey_Farmhouse.pngBelfrey Farmhouse
Canoustie_Cottage_Farmhouse.pngCanoustie Cottage Farmhouse
Chantilly_Farmhouse.pngChantilly Farmhouse
Cottage-2.pngCottage Solid
Farmhouse_Solid.pngFarmhouse Solid
Lytham_Farmhouse.pngLytham Farmhouse
Lytham_Grid_4_Farmhouse.pngLytham Grid 4 Farmhouse
Lytham_Grid_Farmhouse.pngLytham Grid Farmhouse
Merion_Farmhouse.pngMerion Farmhouse
Merion_Grid_4_Farmhouse-1.pngMerion Grid 4 Farmhouse
Oakmont_Farmhouse.pngOakmont Farmhouse
Pevero_Square_Farmhouse.pngPevero Square Farmhouse
Saunton_Farmhouse.pngSaunton Farmhouse
Seminole_3_Centre_Farmhouse-2.pngSeminole 3 Centre Farmhouse
Seminole_3_Left_Farmhouse-1.pngSeminole 3 Side Farmhouse
Seminole_4_Centre_Farmhouse.pngSeminole 4 Centre Farmhouse
Seminole_4_Left_Farmhouse.pngSeminole 4 Side Farmhouse
Seminole_5_Left_Farmhouse.pngSeminole 5 Side Farmhouse
Sunningdale_Farmhouse.pngSunningdale Farmhouse
Valderrama_Centre_Farmhouse.pngValderrama Centre Farmhouse
Valderrama_Left_Farmhouse.pngValderrama Side Farmhouse
Vilamoura_Farmhouse.pngVilamoura Farmhouse

Monza Designer

Monza_2_Oakmont.pngMonza 2 Oakmont
Monza_2_Solid.pngMonza 2 Solid
Monza_2_Square_3_Centre.pngMonza 2 Square 3 Centre
Monza_2_Square_3_Left.pngMonza 2 Square 3 Side
Monza_2_Square_4_Centre.pngMonza 2 Square 4 Centre
Monza_2_Square_4_Left.pngMonza 2 Square 4 Side
Monza_2_Square_5_Left.pngMonza 2 Square 5 Side

Colour Options

Door Slab and Door Frame can be matching or complementary - your choice. When choosing a finish other than Flat White for the frame, the grain is finer than on the door slab itself, just like a timber door

Standard Colours

Premium Colours

Matching frames are also available as a special order

Bespoke Colours

DoorCo Paint Bespoke Colour Coding Service

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The Gallery 44 curated collection of DoorCo Composite Doors and Glass
The full DoorCo Composite Door range

The DoorCo Composite Door Colour Guide


DoorCo Gallery44 Door Installations

Composite Door Sizing

These sizes are an estimation only of the typical frame and threshold used, with actual size limits confirmed on final Technical Survey. Dimensions exclude external sill

Std Threshold
Low Threshold
Single Door
Width +
Glazed Screen 
Width + Dual Glazed ScreenWidth + Composite Side Width + Dual Composite Sides 
Minimum2027mm 1990mm 854mm1154mm1454mm  1306mm 1758mm
Maximum2127mm 2090mm 1018mm 2228mm3428mm 1480mm1932mm 

Style Widths Restrictions

Style Minimum Width  Maximum Width
 Styles A 790mm 1018mm
 Styles B 819mm 1018mm
 Styles C 866mm 1018mm
 Styles D 866mm 1018mm

Styles A include Muirfield Solid, Farmhouse Solid, Farmhouse Belfry, Farmhouse Belfry 3, Farmhouse Sunningdale, Augusta Long, Seminole 4, Augusta, Vilamoura

Styles B include Carnoustie, Birkdale, Penina, Lytham, Lytham Grid, Turnberry, Portrush, Portrush Sunburst, Riviera, Muirfield, Troon

Styles C include Monza II Solid, Monza II Augusta, Monza II Augusta Long

Styles D Include St Andres, Gleneagles