Lead, Coloured Stain, Bevelled and Tiled Glass Designs

Leaded Designs

Signature Art Range

Our range of Signature triple glazed units are constructed using hand-cut bevels and beautifully textured glass pieces, which are assembled using traditional stained glass methods into zinc or brass cames. The decorative glass is then encapsulated between two pieces of tempered safety glass to give excellent thermal and sound insulation with the added benefit of an easy to clean, smooth surface

  • All Signature units are supplied with Energy+ as standard
  • Stunning visual effect with multiple glass textures and bevels
  • All units are triple glazed for easy cleaning and extra security
  • Changes to the glass types used or came colours is not possible
  • Fully customised sidelights and toplights are available on a limited range of designs
  • Complementary and composite sidelights are available on the entire range

Etch and Fusion Art Range

Our range of Etch-effect and Fusion designs combine a simple etched glass effect with either traditional hand cut glass bevelled glass or truly stunning fused glass elements. These are bonded to the surface to provide a 3-dimensional effect that can not only be seen, but felt*. These ranges use the most up-to-date techniques and finest materials to produce designs that are simple, yet refract light beautifully, to create a focal point to your entranceway

  • Contemporary glass designs using fused glass or bevelled glass elements
  • Double Glazed construction so you can touch the fused elements*
  • Colour changes available to match or complement the door colour*

* Except Symphony, Tahoe, Linear and Montreal

Crystal Art Range

Our range of Crystal Art designs are manufactured using a highly advanced multi-patented technology that allows us to create incredibly detailed bevelled effect designs that would be impossible with traditional glass decoration techniques. The advanced resin system we use to create these stunning range of designs provide functionality as well as decoration with sound insulation and breakthrough resistance properties that are unsurpassed

  • Encapsulated inside a double glazed unit for easy cleaning
  • Stunning bevel effects which beautifully refract the light
  • High levels of privacy with textured glass effects and prismatic bevel effects
  • It is not possible to produce complementary or custom sidelights

Overlay Art Range

Our range of Overlay designs incorporate genuine lead strips, handmade coloured effect films and handcrafted bevelled glass to create 21st century decorative glass. All the decorative elements are on the outer pane of tempered safety glass and you can choose from a wide range a of Pilkington texture glass options for the inner pane to give varying levels of privacy

  • Double glazed construction
  • Large range of Pilkington texture backing glasses available
  • It is possible to create matching sidelights and toplights
  • Where available, colours can be changed to complement the door

Resin and Satin Art Range

Our range of Resin and Satin Art designs are manufactured using state-of-the-art resin dispensing equipment to create the outline, the colours are then hand painted. The Resins offer an alternative to lead profiles and create much finer lines. Our Satin Art designs use clear resin as a contrast to the subtle etched glass to create a modern and striking effect, similar to brilliant cutting

  • Fine lines and hand-painting allow for very intricate designs
  • Large range of Pilkington textured backing glasses* available
  • Manufactured using our in-house developed CadRam resin dispensing technology

* Not required with Satin Art designs

How we made our Decorative Glass Designs

Using a variety of traditional and modern glass art techniques, we craft every glass unit for you by our glass artists

Signature Art Range

Etch and Fusion Art Range

Crystal Art Range

Overlay Art Range

Resin & Satin Art Range

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