Halo uPVC Maintenance Guide

Look after your Halo Ultimate Collection Windows and Doors


  • Clean the glass regularly with a good quality liquid spray glass cleaner
  • Frequently wash down the PVCu profiles with warm soapy water and wipe dry
  • Only use cleaning materials which do not impair anti-corrosion properties of the surface coatings
  • Use non abrasive cream cleaner for isolated stubborn stains on white PVCu only
  • Apply with a damp cloth using minimal pressure
  • Ensure drainage slots are unblocked and free from dirt and debris
  • Keep all tracks clear of dust and debris in order to reduce the wear on sliding parts
  • Check all fire escapes’ hardware annually for wear and tear and a consistent fit
  • Ensure that all conservatory gutters and their outlets are kept clear of leaves and debris to ensure unobstructed flow
  • All moving mechanical parts are lubricated - hinges, locks and keep plates will benefit from a small application of light oil at least once a year
  • Replace damaged or worn parts with original Halo parts

Do not

  • Use any type of bleach, solvent (e.g. white spirit, mentholated spirits, nail varnish  remover) or adhesives
  • Use abrasives or brass cleaner on furniture: handles, door knockers, letter plates
  • Use glass cleaner on the PVCu profile
  • Use a ladder when cleaning your conservatory roof, always use a crawler board to evenly distribute your weight
  • Use abrasive paste or cream cleaners on any laminated profile
  • Use excessive pressure when cleaning PVCuUse high pressure or steam cleaners
  • Use any abrasive papers, such as sandpaper
  • Use excessive loads on the windows and doors
  • Lean ladders against conservatory guttering
  • Paint or try to remove paint
  • Use any unspecified tools

This information is intended as a guide only, and is exclusively recommended for our Halo Ultimate PVCu systems only, and alternative guidance may be recommended for other systems and of course different materials. If unsure, always ask before carying out any maintenance work yourself, or engage the services of a professional

Halo Homeowners Maintenance Guide kindly reproduced from Halo consumer literature, for use with their products