Bereco Real Timber Mainteance Guide
Helping you look after your Engineered Timber Windows and Doors from Bereco

Bereco Timber Windows and Doors Maintenance Guide

Look after your Bereco Windows and they can last a lifetime

At Bereco their emphasis is on providing high performance, low maintenance timber windows and doors that will last you a lifetime. They also pride ourselves on a professional and friendly service tailored to your needs, offering the finest customer service throughout your Bereco journey

These guides will help you look after your Bereco Windows and Doors throughout their lifetime

Download the Bereco Repairing Surface Damage Maintenance Guide

This guide is intended to help you rectify and repair any surface damage to the timber and the coatings of your Bereco products

An easy-to-follow guide covering routine maintenance of products and hardware, timber and finish repairs and redecoration

Download the Bereco Adjustment of Windows and Doors Maintenance Guide

This easy to follow, practical how-to handbook guides you through any seasonal and routine maintenance adjustments that may be required in the months and years after your installation

Download the Bereco Flush Casement GU Hinge Adjustment Maintenance Guide

How to adjust a Flush Casement supplied with GU hinges pre 2015

Operation & adjustment instructions for the Bereco Folding Doors

Care and Maintenance Guide kindly reproduced from Bereco consumer literature, for use with their products