Our commitment to Sustainability

Our Windows and Doors have better than ever sustainability


Step 1 End of life windows are collected when we take out your existing for replacement

Step 2 uPVC is shredded, granulated and micronized then compressed under great pressure to produce new white pellets

Step 3 The perfect white pellets are ready to go back into creating brand new window profiles

Step 4 Pristine new windows are manufactured

Step 5 Nee quality, thermally efficient windows are installed


UK sourced and manufactured, aluminium is made from the most recycled and abundant metal in the Earth’s crust

Embracing innovation with sustainability, our aluminium is produced in an energy efficient extrusion plant using state of-the-art SMS HYBREX press, achieving energy savings of up to 55% compared to traditional aluminium presses

Designer Range, our aluminium supplier, recycle it’s production waste back to the same Welsh aluminium foundry they source the majority of their aluminium logs from, supporting the UK’s closed loop journey


Step 1 Our glass is collected at our distribution centre in Abergavenny, and collected weekly

Step 2 The glass is sorted at the recycling centre using high-tech electronic machinery which removes any impurities

Step 3 Once it has been processed the glass is re-used in glass furnaces into new glass for our windows and doors

Energy Efficiency for Sustainability

Fitting A+ rated windows minimises your heat loss to reduce carbon emissions and ensures money spent on heating your home isn’t wasted. Multi-chambered uPVC frames and argon gas filled double glazed units deliver the best possible thermal efficiency

The Future is Worth it

Sustainability is the future and our recycling programme minimises the environmental impact of our products and ensures that we recycle everything we can. As part of our sustainability mission, we have formed closed loop partnerships with our suppliers to ensure our recycled goods have an audited trail all the way back to the point of recycling Our old windows and doors become new products within weeks of being removed from homes creating a brighter future for us all

Re-usable and recyclable for hundreds of years

Research has shown that 95% of ‘post-consumer’ or end-of-life uPVC windows can be recycled. The official product life for a uPVC window or door is up to 35 years (BRE) and they can be recycled up to 10 times meaning 350 years of re-use with minimal impact on the environment. Not only because they help reduceCO2 emissions, but uPVC is also a fully recyclable material and each year, tens of thousands of tonnes of uPVC is recycled, minimising the impact on landfill waste sites. In addition, the Flat Glass Sector’s European recycling operations save almost 300,000 metric tonnes of raw materials per year, thereby avoiding70,000 metric tonnes of CO2emissions.