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Do I need trickle vents installed when I replace any windows and doors?

Local Authority Building Regulations have recently been updated in England (14th June 2022) and to Wales (22nd November 2022) - you can learn what this means for your home and your new windows here

I live in a conservation area - will I need planning permission to change my windows?

At Heronhurst we offer a range of window systems in PVCu, Aluminium, Composite and real Timber some of which are "conservation grade" specifically designed to look just like the originals, and help alleviate planning difficulties.

We can also help by providing suggested window layouts, which you can pass through to the local planning authorities should the need arise

For most people who live in a conservation area, maintaining the style and proportions of the window are usually the most critical concerns

How long will my windows last me?

Of course the answer to this varies, and it also depends on location and maintenance

All our products come with comprehensive guarantees which you can read about here

Our products are well engineered, and designed to last the long term - indeed our Aluminium windows come with up to 25 years surface paint warranties, and our timber 25 year anti-rot and fungal warranties

We would say around 30 years is typical of PVCu and Composite, while up to 45 years on Aluminium can be expected, on Timber, subject to suitable regular maintenance, a lifetime

As with most products, certain parts of the window may need repair or replacement over time, without the need to replace the entire window

How long does it take to install my windows?

This depends on the window style, size and material - together with your homes construction and access

But as a general rule of thumb, we would suggest around 4 to 5 windows are installed per day typically, by of our experienced installation teams, and a single door around half a day

Larger items like Bi-Folding Doors can take up to a day in themselves to install, and timber can take up to twice this time to install

Our advisor or Surveyor will be able to give you an accurate timescale for your individual work requirements

What does it cost to replace my windows?

Pricing on windows vary greatly depending on material, styles, sizes and colours

You can arrange a quick, free no obligation quotation by clicking here, or you can enter the styles and dimensions for yourself here

We have however, prepared a comparison page at so you can compare the pricing on typical examples of our PVCu, Aluminium, Composite and real Timber Windows and Doors at a glance. Take a look by clicking here

How do I pay for my new windows and doors?

We accept payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Business Account online here

We take a deposit with order, with the balance payable once you are happy with everything

Your deposit is covered by the HomePro Insurance Warranty on domestic Windows and Doors

What are the energy ratings of your windows

Because we offer such an extensive range of products, they do vary

But as a guide, all our Windows are typically A Rated or equivalent - although some fall in to the B Rated or equivalent categorgy

We will be pleased to advise this on an specific level, and provide certification where required proving our compliance

Our products meet or exceed all current Building Regulations requirements

How long does it take from order to installation?

This varies depending on the product and colour. As a guide we typically expect

PVCu - White and popular Colours 3-4 Weeks (other colours 5-6 weeks, bespoke colour combinations up to 10 weeks)

Composite Doors - for up to 20 of our "standard" colours, 2-3 weeks (all other colours up to 8 weeks)

Aluminium - White, Anthracite Grey, Black 3-4 Weeks (all other colours 8-9 weeks)

Timber - 8-10 weeks

If we need to meet specific deadlines then please speak with us as we always work with our clients and supply-chain to try and meet deadlines - and we never over-promise. Please note due to the current COVID-19 restrictions some products may have extended lead times

You can read our latest availability dates on all of our most popular products here

Do I need a FENSA Certificate?

When you replace Windows or Doors in the main dwelling of a domestic residence in England and Wales you are legally required to have either Building Regulations Approval or certification from one of the approved bodies such as FENSA, CERTAS or Corgi

We include a FENSA Certificate in every instance where required, and the vast majority of our work work in certified in this way

Conservatories and Glazed Extensions are exempt from this requirement but may still require Building Regulations Approval in certain circumstances, particularly if they have large areas of solid wall or roof or open to the house

Do I need an Insurance Backed Warranty?

If you installation is covered by FENSA then we are obliged to provide an Insurance Backed Warranty in your name and for this to be included in the total project cost

We include HomePro Insurance Backed Warranties with all relevant purchases at no extra cost to the customer

This covers you for the same term as your Heronhurst warranty, and provides additional peace of mind over the long term

This also covers your deposit

Do you install your own windows and doors?

We are happy to offer you your choice of a supply only service or a supply and installation service with a full site survey

We do not install other companies products, and only our own trained installation teams install for us

This helps ensure our customers get a great job every time

Are there any good times to buy?

Our answer to this, as always, is the best time to buy is when it is right for you

Don't get trapped in a typical sales trap of limited time offers and promotions

Our prices are competitive year round, and there is never any pressure to buy now

Read about our Price Promise here

Very occasionally we will hold a limited time promotion, which may be an overall discount or a very specific pre-priced item(s). We will always make you aware of this online and in person, if and when it appears, and when that promotion ends

You can always see if we have a current promotion on at

We also offer our very best pricing to those customers most local to us - that's customers in postcodes NP (all) plus select CF, LD and HR areas - you can check these out at

What is the best material for my windows and doors?

Well this is a difficult one to answer - because there is a reason that we supply PVCu, Composite, Aluminium and real Timber - it is because they all have their place

So it depends on your needs, your budget, your home, and the look you are trying to create

One of our team will be best placed to advise on an individual bases, because all of these materials can be great - when used in the correct place!

What's on display in your Abergavenny Window and Door Studio?

We regularly refresh our displays here in Abergavenny to show our latest range of PVCu, Aluminium, Composite and real Timber Windows and Doors - so you get to see the products before you decide

To make things even easier, you can view our Studio in 3D instantly online via this page

Here you can view the showroom in 3D, zoom in on the detail - and read a list of the products on display

How easy is the access to the Abergavenny Studio Showroom?

We've worked hard to ensure that we can all enjoy what we have on display in our Studio Showroom

We have easy parking onsite, low-level access doors and one flat level throughout the show area, with full disabled access toilet facilities for our guests - plus of course, freshly brewed Teas including Black and Herbals, Coffees including Lattes and Espressos plus filtered, chilled Water - all free for our vistors

Do I have to have all my windows replaced at the same time?

This is totally up to you

We are happy to replace a single window or a whole house full - and anything in between

Many people today choose to replace windows in their home by elevation - so they maintain a consistent look

Whatever you decide, it is what works for you that is important

Can your windows condensate on the inside?

Our windows do not and cannot cause condensation as they do not generate water

However, depending on the humidity in the room, or outside (for possible external condensation), condensation could fall on a window - although this has been greatly reduced over the years through advancements in insulation

A well ventilated house is essential to help avoid condensation, and improve your wellbeing

Every homeowner should own a hygrometer that measures temperature and relative humidity (RH). The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is about 40-50%. In the winter months, it may have to be lower than 40% RH to avoid condensation on the windows

You can learn about internal and external condensation on windows and doors here

How do I maintain my windows and doors?

We've prepared some guides, with the help from our suppliers, which you can read here

If you are ever unsure about anything, please just get in touch with us, and don't forget to take advantage of your warranty with us, should there be any issue with your windows - you can learn more about our warranties here or submit your Aftersales Service Call here

Why do I have to have a home visit to price my windows or doors?

You don't - but many people find this the easiest way, as we take responsibility for the measuring, can advise on regulations - styles and colours too

But if you prefer not to have a home visit in the first instance, you can either bring your sizes and photos in to the showrooms or click on to our online design and pricing portal - although there are quite a number of options, and not everything can yet be priced online (we currently offer Windows, Door-Stop Composite Doors, Bi-Folding Sliding Doors) - click here to start your quote

In all cases, our sales survey or your measurements are always followed by our professional survey, should you decided to order

Will I need scaffolding?

Typically for bungalow or two level homes, we do not need scaffolding to fit your new windows and doors - although on rare occasions, we may and will advise this at point of quotation, should you require it for some unusual reason

Three storey and above often require scaffolding, but not always

Roofline replacement usually does require scaffolding, for the safe working of our teams

Where scaffolding is required, the costs for this are clear and upfront and as specially negotiated rates with our preferred supplier - although you can always arrange your own, providing they are approved

What happens to the windows and doors you take out?

We take away anything we take out (unless you ask otherwise) and ensure it's safe disposal using only certified waste management facilities

When we remove PVCu, the vast majority of this is passed through to a recycling company for processing and recycling, the recycled PVCu often used in household appliances, etc.

For Aluminium, the majority is used a scrap, so again re-used for various purposes

We always work hard to minimise our waste, and use responsible disposal methods for the waste we do have

Do you supply to architects, new build, Extensions or the commercial sector?

Yes we do, our sister website has a resource guide and product information on our range of products popular in this area, together with technical download area and plans upload facility

PAS Certification or Document Q?

Should you Building Inspector require a certain specification, please request this at time of Quotation and we can build our windows and doors to meet or exceed that specification across most ranges, styles and sizes

We look forward to working with you

Can I see a visual of my new windows, doors on my house before I make my decisions?

Yes of course, we have recently introduced two new services, our exclusive Truvue Professional Home Visualisation Service - with which we can either super-impose new styles and colours over your existing, or re-create your home in scaled 3D CAD and impose any styles and colours of windows, doors or conservatory you like on it so you can see what the changes look like before you make them. You can learn more about Truvue Professional via this page
We also offer our new Realvue Service with which we or you can superimpose all of our most popular products on your homes photographs to a super realistic home update before you make that all-important decision. You can learn more or start designing with Realvue here 

I've heard there are good and bad times to buy new windows and doors. Is this true?

Generally speaking no. You should expect to pay the same price year round. It is only unscrupulous sales people and companies who make-up the offers of false limited time discounts that they really offer constantly, but use this to pressure you in to buying before you have had any thinking or comparison time.  Of course, there are a few genuine savings to be had from time to time, but please use your own judgement and only order when everything is right for you - not them!

What are the obscure or patterned glass options?

We all need a bit of privacy from time to time, and you can view our full range of obscure and etched glass from Pilkington here including the Oriel Collection

Why don't you offer Conservatories and Glazed Roofs?

We have decided to concentrate our skills on the products closest to our heart, Windows and Doors - and do them really well

Rather than try to be your builder, your jack of all trades, we concentrate on the key products that built our business, and offer the latest, best and most innovate ranges within Windows and Doors throughout the area

How quickly are your products available?

This varies from product to product, colour to colour and time to time - we've created a special page with up to date information for you here which has all our most popular products and their specific current lead times - click here to learn more

What are your Terms and Conditions like?

We try to make our Terms and Conditions are clear and fair as possible, and always available to our customers. They cover our terms of business and warranty. A copy of these terms always accompanies any order with us, and our current Terms of Business are available to review here

What colour and style of handle do you offer?

Most of our windows come with a good choice of handle styles and colours, and we can customer source beyond our normal range on request. You can view our range of stock handles via this page

Do you supply and fit Fire Doors?

Yes, we have quite a range of Fire Doors, all FD30 and we've chosen to supply 3rd Party Certified Doors for your peace of mind. You can view our range of Fire Doors here

Do you offer Smart Door Locks?

The Ultion Smart Lock is a great way to upgrade most new or existing doors to Smart Security - find out more here

We currently also offer the highly regarded Yale Conexis L1 which has smartphone app control as an option on selected door from our Solidor Solid Timber Core Composite Door range and Door-Stop Composite Doors initially, and other door systems being added to our compatibility soon - find out more about the Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock here

What types of glass options do you have?

The range of glass - in terms of performance, durability and design - available today is quite incredible. These include Double, Triple, Toughed, Laminated, Solar, Smart and Self Clean Glazing - plus clear, tinted, obscure, textured, stained, leaded, bevelled, georgian and astragal bar. You can learn more about some of the ranges available from us via this link - or chat with our team of personal advice

How do I know if my current windows and doors are performing?

We offer a Thermal Imaging service which takes a digital thermal photograph of your home, and using our professional equipment, accurately shows the hot and cold spots of your home. What's working, and what's not! Just request this service at time of booking your Quotation

What data do you hold and how do you use it?

We have a very fair and restricted data policy which protects privacy for our customers and enables our ability to serve you well. You can learn more about this by clicking here and request to view or remove data held on you

We promise never to sell your data for whatever reason

Do you offer Blinds inside of the glass?

Yes our extensive range of Blinds in Glass from the UK leading supplier is available to view here. Available in a wide range of colours, and with manual, magnetic, swipe and motorised options, flexibility, durability and style - and a dust free blind - is here at last!

Where are your Windows and Doors made?

Over 95% of what we sell is UK manufactured, and of that the vast majority within 75 miles or less of Abergavenny, because we try our best to source the highest quality products as local as we can. All these UK manufactured products are indicated on the product pages on our website

A few are made a little further afield due to necessity of wanting to offer a specific product because of its exceptional quality

I need my new Windows and Doors installed before Christmas

We would recommend ordering before mid September to guarantee your Windows and Doors are installed pre-Christmas - however many products can be ordered through to November - speak with one of our team, and closer to these dates, we provide online advice for specific product lines

How can I access my Quotation?

Once prepared, most of our customers choose to access their quotation via our online Cloud Service, which provides instant access as soon as it is ready, and is available to view as many times as you wish, until the end of the month the Quotation is prepared

If you choose to, you can download your Quotation and retain it forever

Alternatively you can arrange to collect a printed version of your Quotation from our Abergavenny Window and Door Studio

We do not offer postal quotations

More questions? We regularly add to our FAQ, when someone asks a particularly interesting question, or if a question keeps popping up

But of course, our team are always available to answer your individual queries

Just call in, phone, chat online - or complete our online enquiry form


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