QuickGlide IndiFold Slide and Fold Doors

QuickGlide IndiFold Animation shows how it operates

Slide and Fold Doors

  • Panels Slide and Fold independently
  • Slim profile and sleek sightlines
  • 10 Year Warranty

Meet the latest home improvement trend: Quick-Glide, the innovative slide and fold door system engineered to seamlessly merge your interior spaces with the great outdoors. Crafted with precision engineering and contemporary design in mind, Quick-Glide offers unparalleled ease of operation and aesthetic appeal

Launch date June 2024

QuickGlide IndiFold partly open from inside kitchen

Panels Slide and Fold Independently

One of the key benefits of the QuickGlide door is its flexibility. Open a single panel and slide the rest across to create a versatile opening. Unlike the traditional bifold that opens in a singular, concertina fashion, the panels of the Quick-Glide door can be moved one by one. Not only do the door panels slide independently, but they can also be opened separately for easy access outside

Hingeless System

With no visible hinges or hardware when closed – other than a simple handle on the main door – makes QuickGlide as sleek and stylish as it is flexible. When closed, the slim profile and minimal hardware gives a contemporary finish, flooding a room with natural light and making it feel spacious and bright

Square Sashes

Square door sashes provide a sleek and contemporary look that complements modern homes. The ‘sharp’ edges and clean corners of square door sashes create a visually striking appearance, adding sophistication to the door design. This can help elevate the look of residential properties

High Security Cylinder & Multi-point Locking System

The high security cylinder we use is designed to withstand various burglary techniques, such as drilling, picking, or bumping. It offers greater resistance to forced entry attempts, providing peace of mind for homeowners. The multi-point locking system engages multiple locking points along the main traffic door, making it significantly more difficult for intruders to force entry

Polyamide Thermal Break Aluminium

Manufactured using high quality aluminium and finished to the highest standards, Quick-Glide is the latest design to hit the market. The polyamide thermal break interrupts the flow of heat through the aluminium, reducing heat transfer and enhancing energy efficiency. This helps in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing heating or cooling costs

Slim Profile

Slim profiles mean more glass area, allowing for unobstructed views of the outdoor space. This creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, enhancing a home sense of space and connection to the outdoors. Additionally, the slim aluminium profiles used in the manufacture of Quick-Glide provide a sleek and modern look, contributing to the overall aesthetics of a property

Flush Trickle Vent

Flush trickle vents integrate seamlessly into the door sash, providing a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to trickle vents that protrude from the frame or frame extender. This can be particularly important for modern or minimalist homes where visual clutter needs to be reduced

Each flush trickle vent provides airflow of 2057EA


QuickGlide doors incorporate advanced sealing mechanisms, made of high-quality rubber, to create a tight seal when the doors are closed, preventing water, wind, and dust from penetrating the interior spaces. The doors have been tested to British weather standards, allowing homeowners to enjoy indoor-outdoor living spaces year-round without compromising comfort or energy efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

The double or triple glazing and insulated profiles of the door will help to improve the thermal efficiency. Once installed, QuickGlide can reduce heat loss, keeping the temperature of a property at an optimum level for longer. The polyamide thermal break also helps to prevent the cold outside to enter the home through the aluminium frame


Our QuickGlide double glazed slide and stack doors have undergone testing to meet the enhanced Document Q standards, mandatory for new-builds, and are accompanied by the option of a PAS 24 security upgrade. Our sliding stacking doors offer top-tier security features without compromising on ease of use. They’re practical and incorporate all the necessary safety features for homeowners. As part of this security enhancement, QuickGlide will also require laminated glass

Manufacturing Guarantee

Our doors come with an impressive manufacturing guarantee of up to 10 years (depending on element) to give the homeowner complete peace of mind. We are confident in the quality of our products and their ability to last. Choose the Quick-Glide door today, the revolutionary and modern alternative to the traditional bifold.

QuickGlide IndiFold partly open from outside garden

Hardware options

Providing superior levels of security, we are proud to offer a range of hardware options for our QuickGlide door. Available in various finishes, our handles, magnetic catches, and locking systems are functional and hardwearing

If you select our PAS 24 upgrade, we incorporate additional features to meet the enhanced security standards set out by Document Q of the Building Regulations together with laminated glass

QuickGlide IndiFold HandlesLever Handle

Available in White, Black, Chrome, Anthracite Grey and Satin Chrome

QuickGlide IndiFold Secure CylinderHigh Security 3 Star Diamond Cylinder

Available in Chrome

QuickGlide IndiFold Magnetic Door CatchesMagnetic Door Catch

Available in Anthracite Grey, Black, Chrome, Satin Chrome and White

QuickGlide IndiFold PAS24 Security ApprovalPAS 24 Security Upgrade Option

Includes additional Bolts on Main Door Hinge Side, Enhanced Bolts with Machine Screws and Enhanced Plates with Machine Screws

Frame Colour Options

The Quick-Glide door system offers a versatile range of colour options to suit various homes. For those seeking a bold and contemporary look, the system is available in sleek black, adding a touch of modern elegance to the living space. Additionally, for a softer and more understated aesthetic, grey is offered as another sophisticated option. All available variants are available with a crisp white interior, allowing for seamless integration with existing decor schemes

QuickGlide IndiFold Black finishBlack

QuickGlide IndiFold Anthracite Grey finishAnthracite Grey

QuickGlide IndiFold White finishWhite

Glazing Options

Double Glazing

The Quick-Glide door comes with efficient 28mm double glazing as standard. Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer filled with insulating argon gas. This composition significantly reduces heat transfer, keeping interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Additionally, as standard the glass is toughened for enhanced safety levels. Choose Quick-Glide and benefit from market-leading performance and modern features

Triple Glazing

Upgrade to triple glazed doors to achieve u-values as low as 1.3. Triple glazing is made up of three panes of glass with argon gas within each of the two pockets. Triple glazing work in the same way as double glazing although with triple glazed units you get an extra pane of glass and extra insulation barrier

Spacer Bars

Spacer bars are positioned around the perimeter of the glass panes to provide structural support to the unit and to spacer ensure that the space between the glass panes remains consistent. We offer 3 different bar finishes: black, grey, and white

Laminated Glass

You have the option to upgrade your new slide and fold door with laminated glass for enhanced safety. One of the most notable advantages of laminated glass is its safety features. In the event of breakage, the interlayer holds the glass fragments together, preventing them from shattering into sharp pieces

Venetian Integral Blinds in Glass

Our Venetian integral blinds come in a variety of 10 different colours to complement your chosen frame finish. Integral blinds are available on our complete product range excluding bespoke shapes. Please note that the operational device will always be positioned on the right-hand side (viewed internally)

Cordless Slider Control

Colour Options for blind slats

  • S102 White
  • S106 Yellow
  • S120 Agate Grey
  • S125 Beige
  • S130 Green
  • S142 Light Blue
  • S149 Cream
  • S155 Grey
  • S156 Metallic Silver
  • S157 Silver
  • S158 Slate Grey
  • S159 Anthracite  
  • B160 Black   

Cord Control Mechanism

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 Performance Value 
 Best u-Value 1.5u
Double Glazed
Triple Glazed
Best Energy Rating  C 
Air Tightness (Pa)Class 2  
Water Tightness (Pa) Class 4A  
Wind Load (Pa) Class C3  
PAS 24 Security Upgrade Yes - Optional  
Minimum Size Width 550mm Height 1200mm 
Maximum Size Width 1000mm 
per leaf
Height 2500mm