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Sheerline Prestige Lift and Slide Patio Door

Double or Triple Glazing

Double Glazed 1.4u

Triple Glazed 1.0u


Up to 6,500mm wide, and up to 2,500mm high - with each sash capable of up to 400kg

Accessible & Stylish

Zero Threshold and Ramped Threshold options for seamless transition

Safe and Secure

High security yet slim 80mm and 52mm Ultra-slim Interlocks on many of the most popular styles

our latest addition to the Sheerline range

Sheerline has enhanced its popular Prestige range by adding a new thermally efficient Lift & Slide Patio Door, ready to transform any space
Its’ super slim sightlines of 106mm (frame and sash) maximise the views in any room and it offers high-performance U-values of 1.4 with double glazing and 1.0 for triple glazing

Sheerline Prestige Lift & Slide Doors - The Game-Changer

The Sheerline Prestige Lift & Slide doors are an exceptional addition to our Prestige door range, meticulously designed to fulfil the demand for a high-performance patio solution. These doors represent a premium offering in the market, perfect for those who seek to maximise their views with a panoramic door

Features and Benefits

  • Maximised Views: The Lift & Slide doors are engineered to offer expansive views, making them a perfect choice for clients seeking panoramic doors
  • Premium Quality: As part of the Prestige door range, these doors exemplify high standards of quality and performance
  • Part L Compliance: The doors ensure easy compliance with Part L regulations, removing any concerns about energy efficiency and environmental standards
  • Versatility: Complements the existing Prestige Bi-fold doors, providing a cohesive aesthetic for customers choosing multiple products from the range
  • Slimmer Sightlines: With up to 31% slimmer sightlines than competitors, these doors offer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic
  • High Performance: As with all Sheerline products, the Prestige Lift & Slide doors are designed and built for superior performance and durability
  • Colour Options: With a variety of finishes available, these doors can be tailored to suit any design palette

High Spec

With their impressive features and specifications, the Sheerline Prestige Lift & Slide doors are an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, high-performance doors. Offering expansive views, a range of colour options, slimmer sightlines, and easy compliance with energy efficiency regulations, these doors represent the epitome of Sheerline's commitment to excellence in design and construction. They are a standout product in the Prestige door range, ready to meet the demands of the most discerning homeowner

Impressively low u-Values

These U-values are easy to remember as they are the same for every product within the Prestige range and have been achieved thanks to Sheerline’s proprietary Thermlock® technology. It’s a huge achievement for the team and further highlights Sheerline’s commitment to innovative, energy efficient products that don’t compromise on sustainability, security, or style

Specification & Performance

  • Slim Sightlines: Super slim sightlines of 106mm frame & sash combined and an 80mm standard interlock or 52mm ultra-slim option, make these doors aesthetically pleasing and in line with the Sheerline range
  • Variety of Finishes: 8 powder-coated matt colours, a high gloss white option, and 3 anodised colours are available as standard plus there's also the flexibility to choose a different colour inside, or your choice from literally hundreds in the RAL Colour range with ColourLAB
  • Energy Efficiency: Compliant with Part L regulations, these doors meet high standards of energy efficiency
  • Superior Aesthetics: The doors are designed to aesthetically match the rest of the Sheerline range, ensuring a cohesive look and feel
  • Flexibility: With the option to choose a different colour inside to out, these doors offer a high degree of customisation
  • Wide Application: Ideal for a range of settings, these doors are a versatile choice for installers
  • Available as flat pack kit if required in areas of restricted access, with assembly on-site by our qualified teams
  • Twin track or triple track options
  • Low friction coatings on gaskets
  • Part M available on double track
  • Concealed zero threshold option for smoother transition from indoors to outdoors
  • Unique retracting hook lock with flush fitting keeps so no protruding locking pegs on the jambs

A key feature of the new Lift & Slide Patio Door is the fact it perfectly matches Sheerline’s other products so homeowners can achieve a consistent aesthetic throughout a project. However, fabricators and installers also benefit from the consistency provided by Sheerline’s technical team.

For instance, the Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door integrates seamlessly with other products as it utilises Sheerline’s proven clip-in bead system. In addition, it’s available in Sheerline’s signature stepped sash, a range contemporary colours, is Part L compliant (as standard) and can be ordered up to a maximum size of 6.5m wide and 2.5m high, with up to 400kg sashes.

The Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door completes the Prestige door range, meaning that Sheerline fabricators can now offer a matching suited range of proven products that integrate seamlessly.

Installers will also appreciate the different threshold styles available. This includes the standard outer frame, a version with a clip-on cill nose, alongside a ramped low threshold, which has been tested in-line with Part M requirements. There’s also a concealed zero threshold available, which is ideal for sheltered locations on projects looking for a seamless transition between spaces.

As with all Sheerline products, the Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door has been designed to offer high levels of security as standard, featuring a unique retracting hook-lock with flush keeps. Which reduces the risk of snagging clothing on protruding pegs.

The doors glide smoothly during operation because of the specially designed stainless-steel tracks and high-performance running gear. Dual and triple track options are available, which cover most requirements. To enhance the Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door, a patented sealing system has been incorporated to ensure the doors are weathertight against the worst of the UK’s weather.

Considerable design consideration was also given to ensuring interlocks were as slim as possible, while also maintaining the systems exceptional thermal credentials. The new Sheerline patio comes with a choice of standard interlocks with slim 80mm sightlines, as well as ultra-slim 52mm interlocks suitable for use on many popular styles.

Sheerline’s Product Design Director, Adrian Redshaw comments: “We’re really proud of our new Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door because it completes our Prestige range without compromising on the features that are most important to our customers; super slim sightlines, exceptional thermal efficiency, and looks that match all our other products.”

“These are the features that elevate this product, and the Prestige range, to the next level, especially when compared to other products on the market. We’re helping homeowners achieve their dream aesthetic that integrates stylish interiors with beautiful outdoor spaces without compromises,” he added

Colour Options

Traditional Pure White

RAL 9010 Matt

Traditional Hipca Gloss White RAL 9910 Gloss

Traditional Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Matt

Traditional Jet Black RAL 9005 Matt

Character Premium Cream

RAL 9001 Matt

Character Premium Agate Grey

RAL 7038 Matt

Character Premium Squirrel Grey

RAL 7000 Matt

Character Premium Pastel Turquoise

6034 Matt

Character Premium Brown

RAL 8017 Matt




Slimmer Sightlines

In line with Sheerline's commitment to aesthetics and performance, the Prestige Lift & Slide doors offer significantly slimmer sightlines than their competitors – up to 31% slimmer

The super slim sightlines of 106mm frame & sash offer a minimalist, sleek look that aesthetically matches the rest of the Sheerline range. The interlock is 80mm as standard or can be reduced to an ultra-slim 52mm option on most configurations, further enhancing the clean, modern appearance of these doors

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Aspire Lift and Slide Hardware

As Approved Installers for Sheerline Lift and Slide Aluminium Premium Patio Doors, we offer our dedicated survey and install service throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Usk, Monmouth, Brecon, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Merthyr areas and beyond

Technical Data

Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

 Sash HeightStandard Interlock
Sash Width Maximum
Slim Interlock Sash Width Maximum  Max Sash Weight
 2500mm1600mm n/a See Notes 
 240mm1900mm 1300mm See Notes 
 2300mm 2400mm1600mm  See Notes
 2200mm 3000mm 2000mm See Notes
 2100mm3250mm  2600mmSee Notes 
  • Subject to Maximum Sash Weight of 250kg on Standard and 400kg on Upgraded

Max Width6,500mm Overall
Max Height2,500mm
 Part LCompliant with Thermlock Technology
 Part F Compliant via 25mm Head Vent Frame Extender Combi
 Part M Compliant through 3 thresholds
 U-Value 1.4 Double Glazed
  1.0 Triple Glazed
 Sightlines Slim 106mm Frame with Sash Sightlines
 Interlock 52mm Slim option on most configurations
  80mm as standard
 Tracks Dual Track as standard
  Triple Track option on most configurations