Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush


Your home is an extension of you. Your space to express your own ideas and aesthetic style.

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Introducing the new Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush Window and Door system

As we continue to lead the way in innovative window and door solutions, we are thrilled to announce that starting from July, we will be offering the exceptional Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush Window and Door system, from Veka® Halo®

Meticulously designed with both the homeowner and installer in mind, offering unparalleled durability, performance, and style

Every Detail Considered

This comprehensive, true double-flush suite revolutionises window fabrication, blending time-tested features with innovative thinking

Designed for Durability and Performance

The new Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush stands out for its exceptional thermal and acoustic properties, offering glazed units with ratings as impressive as triple (0.8 w/m²K) or double (1.2 w/m²K). Its double-rebated frames enhance weather protection, while ensuring windows glide open smoothly and close securely. This profile is also compatible with the range of high-quality fixtures and fittings, guaranteeing windows that not only look stunning but can last a lifetime

Style Without Compromise

The new Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush range embodies elegance alongside 21st-century performance, seamlessly fitting into every style of property, from townhouses and country cottages to new builds and renovations. Whether the architectural style is heritage or contemporary, Timeless enhances properties by adding exceptional value and making a real design statement

A Profile That Ticks All the Boxes

With over 50 years of VEKA®’s experience in engineering innovative systems, and our commitment to providing outstanding quality, new Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush is a testament to our dedication to excellence. It supports all your manufacturing needs while fulfilling the aspirations of homeowners

Colour Options

White Grain
Agate Grain
Cream Grain
Claystone Grain
Pebble Grain
Chartwell Grain
Sage Grain
Anthracite Grain
Beck Brown Grain
Stipple Anthracite
Irish Oak WoodGrain
Ginger Oak WoodGrain
Ulti-Matt Black

A new and exclusive finish to Omnia Dual Flush with a deluxe matt finish

Outstanding Performance

OMNIA®’s wide range of applications, streamlined craftsmanship, and outstanding performance in energy efficiency, weather resistance, and acoustics make it a standout choice. Its expanded design flexibility and colour options empower you to perfectly align with every homeowners vision, backed by decades of VEKA® experience

Offering this remarkable range in our wide array of colours and styles, we are committed to providing homeowners with the best the industry has to offer. With the new Timeless® Omnia® Dual Flush, you are not just installing the very best windows and doors in your home; you are enhancing your home with products that set new standards in quality, performance, and aesthetics

These new Timeless® Omnia® windows and doors are a natural upgrade

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