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Venetian BLINDS 

HIGH-PERFORMANCE control of light and shade

Now available with options Smart Control

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Being permanently sealed within the cavity of the double-glazed units makes our Venetian integral blinds unrivaled in the control of light and shade, and the only viable option for light control in bi-folding and sliding doors. The integral blind system which is sealed between glass ensures that you have one of the safest blind systems available.

We offer a huge range of colours to suit any style along with 5 blind control types ranging from manually operated to fully automated solutions. Whether you are seeking a new fit out or wish to retro fit in existing frames we can supply the the perfect integral blinds to suit your requirements.

Designed in Italy, manufactured in the UK and offered with our 5 year guarantee our integral blinds offer the most stylish way to control light and shade in your home

Venetian Colour Range

Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds Colour Options

The full range available in 28mm Glazed Units, with White S102, Cream S149 and Silver S157 available in both 24mm and 28mm Glazed Units
Please note Blinds in Glass is subject to a compatibility check to ensure suitability for the blind depth and weight

Blinds that stay clean and safe

Our Integral blinds are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. Once sealed in the dust-free environment of the glazing cavity they will require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage

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Blinds in Glass Controller Options

SV System Cordless Slider
Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds SV System Cordless Slider

C System Manual ControlBlinds in Glass - UniBlinds C System Manual Control

S System Slider

Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds S System Slider

W Smart System - SolarBlinds in Glass - UniBlinds W Smart System Solar Powered

C System

Manual control Integral blind control system

C System is a patented magnetic system with manual operation (raising and tilting function) for Venetian blinds incorporated within 20mm – 22mm cavity insulating glass units. The external magnet, fixed to the internal glass by double-sided high performance adhesive, allows perfect alignment with the internal magnet. Raising and lowering is controlled using a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnet

The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner and fully complies with the British Blind and Shutter Association –  ‘Make it safe’ campaign. The system is supplied with warm edge spacer bars as standard

C System Benefits

  • Suitable for all vertical window applications
  • Ideal solution for conservatory shading
  • Only viable option for bi-folding doors
  • Total privacy and light control for folding sliding doors
  • Gives excellent utilisation of partitioned office space
  • Suitable for retro installation into existing frames

Feasibility Notes

Maximum height possible according to width

with Width 300 to 330mm Height Max =850mm

with Width 351 to 400mm Height Max = 1550mm

with Width 401 to 450mm Height Max 1950mm

with Width 2000mm Height Max 2500mm

Minimum Height 2500mm

Maximum area 2m2 with 4mm internal glazing and 1.5m2 with 6mm internal glass

Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds Cord Control

S & SV System

Cordless slider Integral blind control system

ScreenLine® SL20SV is a manually-operated patented magnetic system with raising and tilting function for Venetian blinds encapsulated within 20mm cavity double glazing units. SL20SV is operated by a magnetic slider, placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass. A narrow adhesive transparent profile ensures the linear movement of the slider. The blind is raised and lowered by moving the slider up or down and is tilted by slightly lifting or lowering the same slider. SL20SV is suited to all types of window frames. The integrated unit is as straight forward to fit as a standard IGUs. The system is supplied with warm edge spacer bar as standard

Feasibility Notes

Maximum height possible according to width

with Width 300 to 330mm Height Max = 1400mm

with Width 351 to 550mm Height Max = 1800mm

with Width 551 to 1500mm Height Max 2200mm

Minimum Height 560mm

Maximum area 2m2 with 4mm internal glazing and 1.5m2 with 6mm internal glass

Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds Magnetic Runner

W Smart System

Solar powered integral Integral blind control system

The W-Smart system with ScreenLine® inside is a battery operated, motorised blind system. With this system, a Venetian or pleated blind encapsulated within a double-glazed unit can be raised or lowered via a control device attached to the window or by remote control. The system operates with standard, long-life rechargeable batteries and is equipped with a cleverly designed battery charger, which makes the system particularly suitable for residential and commercial environments

The latest in innovative and ecological Italian design, the W Smart is a battery operated, motorised blind system utilising Venetian or pleated blinds, encapsulated within a 20, 22 or 27mm cavity double glazed unit. The encapsulated blind is raised and lowered, and in the case of the Venetian blind, slat-tilted via a discreet slide button control which is magnetically attached to the double glazed unit

W Swipe System Benefits

  • Streamlined installation procedure
  • No need for electrician to install
  • Hard-wired power supply not required Energy saving
  • For 20, 22 and 27mm cavity, in Venetian and pleated versions
  • Small sized battery module, developed in co-operation with design specialists
  • Touch control keys
  • Radio remote control supplied as standardBatteries recharged by means of a micro-USB connector
  • Batteries can be easily replaced

Feasibility Notes

Maximum height possible according to width

with Width 250 to 300mm Height Max = 950mm

with Width 301 to 350mm Height Max = 1700mm

with Width Max 2000mm Height Max 2500mm

Maximum area 2m2 with 4mm internal glazing and 1.5m2 with 6mm internal glass

Blinds in Glass

Examples of Blinds in Glass installed in Windows and Doors

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Typical Pricing for Blinds in Glass

 up to 600mm by 1200mm up to 1200mm by 1200mm up to 1000mm by 2100mm
Other options available, based on SV and S Magnetic Style   
Our Blinds in Glass must always be used with Toughened Double Glazed Sealed Units, and are only available through Heronhurst for use within our own Window and Door System. Not compatible with Astrgal Bar and Decorative Glazing, Triple Glazed or Specialist Glazing options. Pricing shown is typical, but can vary project to project - please ask for a quotation for accurate pricing

Shop-Local Savings can be deducted from typical pricing shown

Blinds in Glass - UniBlinds Morley Glass Registered Installer

As Approved Installers for Morley Blinds in Glass, we offer our dedicated survey and install service throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Monmouth, Chepstow and Brecon areas and beyond