Glass and Glazing

Textured Privacy Glazing

Textured Privacy Glass

Oriel Etched Glazing

Etched Oriel Glazing


All of our glass is Toughened as standard - usual for the industry, where annealed (non-toughened) is often used in many area. Toughened glass is up to five times as strong as ordinary glass, which means it takes a harder hit to break, and if it does break it is into much smaller pieces - so much safer too


The same strength as standard glazing, but using two sheets with an adhesive plastic layer in-between which holds them together - much like a typical car glass - making it exceptionally difficult to break in through


Our acoustic glass considerably reduces noise transfer through the glass compared to Toughened and even Triple glazing, and ideal for use in highly populated areas, near main roads, motorways and airports. We use two different thicknesses of glass to cut out more soundwaves, helping to keep your home more peaceful


Todays double glazing with it's Low-E coatings and argon gas fills are already incredibly effective compare to older double glazing - but adding a third pane can further increases the heat retention and noise reduction


A range of leaded options all use real lead, applied to the surface of the glass to create the design layout of your choice

You can choose between

  • 6mm or 9mm Lead
  • Silver or Aged finish

Modern Georgian

Set in-between the glazing, Modern Georgian and consist of

  • Box Georgian
  • Single or Multi-Bar Georgian

Modern Georgian is available in the following finishes

  • Smooth White
  • Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Gold

Heritage Georgian

Bars that are true to the original, with real mouldings that are on both sides of the glazing, with a duplex bar between the glass, making it virtually impossible to identify between this and the traditional timber style

Available in every colour to match your Windows

Heritage Georgian can be configures as

  • Single Bar
  • Multi-Bar
  • Border
  • Georgian Box


Cottages Bars are around twice the thickness of a Heritage Georgian Bar, yet slimmer than a transom - and much more akin to a real timber bar, in a 50mm (2") thickness

Like Heritage Georgian, our Cottage Bar is applied to both sides of the glazing, with a duplex bar between the glass, only with a flatter design

Our cottage bar can only be installed as a single horizontal bar and cannot be made in to a grid

Lead and Stain

Beautiful real lead creates the outline of the design you want, which are then infused with the colour from our palette


Multifaceted real glass pieces make up a raised bevel decorative effect which created a stunning play with natural sunlight

Bevelled Glazing can be mixed with Lead and / or Stain to create a bespoke design that is just perfect for you


Fused tile glazing is the modern twist on decorative glass. Handmade by fusing molten glass together, it creates an eye-catching feature


Utilising our extensive range of Lead, Stain, Bevels, Bars and Tiles our glass artists can work to re-create your original glass to produce near identical designs

Blinds in Glass

  • Manual Corded Blinds in Glass
  • Manual Magnetic Blinds in Glass
  • Electric and Remote Blinds in Glass
  • Motorized and Remote Blinds in Glass

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Tinted Solar Control Glass

Perfect where excess direct sun is an issue for you, our Tinted Solar Control Glazing is available in a range of tints and performance levels to best fit your needs

All our Tinted Solar Control Glass comes with Self-Clean Technology that significantly reduces the need to clean your glass (external surface)

  • Solar Control Blue
  • Solar Control Aqua
  • Solar Control Natural
  • Solar Control Bronze

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Replacement Glass Units

We offer a replacement glazing service for most uPVC windows and doors, and our own brands of uPVC, Composite and Aluminium Windows and Doors

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