Solidor Composite Door Maintenance Guide
Looking after your Solidor

Help me look this good for a long, long time

During the first 6 weeks because it is a natural product, your door MAY move  around to a very small degree at the top and at the bottom. This is completely  normal. The timber is protected by our edge banding and our beautiful door skins  and normally, only occurs during winter installations

Please help your door to acclimatise to its new  environment by following these two simple instructions

  • When the door is closed it is  essential to ALWAYS fully engage  the hook locks, for example by  lifting the handle or turning the  key on our other versions.* *With our Heritage and AV2 locks this is  done automatically

  • Keep the temperature as low and stable as you comfortably can in  the space immediately next to the door for the first 6 weeks, after the initial period raise the temperature gradually to normal levels

To keep your door looking great for 10 years and beyond please follow these simple steps


Wipe down the door with a soft,  damp, lint-free cloth using, mild  warm, soapy water

Keep your door furniture looking fantastic by polishing the handle, letter plate and knocker with regular furniture polish or similar


Open the door, place a dust sheet or similar underneath the door and lubricate all of the moving parts with either oil or preferably grease, lift  the handle (where appropriate) up and down 6 times to ensure that the lube works through to all parts of  the mechanism

Please follow these simple steps  to help ensure that your Solidor®  will look great for a long, long time

Care and Maintenance Guide kindly reproduced from Solidor consumer literature, for use with their products