Solid and secure

Solidor Composite Doors

The ultimate Composite Door with a real Hardwood Timber Core, encapsulated in ABS for low maintenance

Nothing feels quite like a Solidor

Solidor Plank Door in Lavender with Diamond Glass Design

Born in 2004, Solidor has firmly established itself as the nation’s favourite manufacturer and supplier of composite doors. Fitted and installed via a nationwide network of approved installers, the extensive Solidor range of composite doors are widely admired for their stunning design, and unparalleled security. No other composite door even comes close to competing with Solidor in terms of sophistication and performance

  • 27 colours inside & out
  • Unique 48mm solid core
  • Exclusive door furniture
  • The most secure locking system
  • Chamfered or sculptured frames
  • PAS24: 2016 Certified
  • Ultion Cylinder fitted as Standard
  • Exceeds Building Regulations for Thermal efficiency
  • Widest selection of authentic styles

The latest on-trend colour options

Choose from 11,000+ Colour combination possibilities

We offer the largest range of composite door colours from stock in the UK. Choose from 27 colours inside and/or outside of the door, with 18 frame combinations. Amongst our hugely diverse colour range is a number of industry firsts including French Grey, Pottery Blue, Granite Grey and Irish Oak

Solidor Italia Plank Composite Door with Long Central Glass Feature

Stable Barn-style Doors

Did you know that the majority of our Traditional Collection and a selection of our Italia Collection door styles can be available as (open in only) stable doors?
With the choice of any colour from our range available on any side

Our range of stable doors are as stunning as they are practical

All of our Traditional Collection, Flint Cottage and many of our Italia Collection door styles can be integrated into a beautiful stable door and you can even benefit from different colours inside and out

All of our stable doors come with high security, fully adjustable, multipoint locking systems and there’s also a neat thumb turn cylinder to the lower half of the door

Each door is also supplied with a high security interlocking door bolt to secure the top and bottom halves of the door together. This is a perfect door for the sides and rear of any home in the countryside

Solidor Anthracite Grey Stable Door Open
Solidor Stable Door White with Monkeytail Handles in Black
Chartwell Green Solidor Stable Door with Georgian Bar Grid Open

French Doors

All of our designs, in all of our colours are available in a French Door option, with a range of handle options, encompassing a high security, adjustable, multipoint locking system

Solidor Composite French Doors in Irish Oak Plank Design with Long Central Glass Deisgn
Available as inward or outward opening doors. Because our French door range is so vast, please contact us for the minimum and maximum sizes before you order your set.

Available with UPVC and aluminium threshold on inward opening sets, and UPVC only  on outward opening sets

Solidor Italia Plank Design Composite Door internal with Long Glass Central Design
Solidor Italia French Doors Plank Design with 4 Squares of Glass in each
Flush, integrated two way lever, which throws the shootbolts and removes the need for a lever handle and cylinder to give the option to use our Italia Collection handles on both leaves, alternatively, go for lever operated!

Standard option is both doors  to be lever handle operated

Choosing Solidor

We understand that knowing your home and family are protected is a major factor when choosing a new door

You can rest assured that with our door construction, coupled with our unique, reinforced door frame and Secured by Design locking systems, your home will be as safe as can be when you choose Solidor

Foam Filled Composite Door versus Solidor Hardwood Core Composite Door Make-up

Lock Positioning

Solidor Slam Shut AutoLockStandard Slam Shut Auto Lock

The Slam Shut lock is an automatic multi-point locking system. It features two self-locking hooks to provide additional security and two sealing 

Solidor Heritage Slam Shut AutoLockHeritage Slam Shut Lock

The aesthetics of a traditional rim latch, but incorporates the latest high security slam shut technology. The lock automatically engages as the door closes.

Solidor Key Operated Multi-Point AutoLockKey Operated Multi-Point Lock

Customers who do not want handles can upgrade to our key operated multi-point lock

New Art Deco Glass Collection

Tailor-made for the fashion-conscious homeowner

Solidor Art Deco Glass Design - Fairmount, Paramount, Wilton and Tate Designs
It’s not just the art deco movement that has informed the design of these extraordinary glass designs

The four different glass styles (Fairmount, Paramount, Wilton and Tate) are also reminiscent of other classical artistic styles including minimalism and the impressionist movement

Traditional, Flint and Italia Styles

All of our stunning composite door designs in Italia Contemporary, Flint Cottage Slatted and Traditional Classic Raised and Fielded styles, many can also be specially styled into a handsome set of French doors or extremely practical Stable Barn-style doors. There’s also the option to include matching side panels with your chosen Solidor allowing you to create the perfect door for your home

The Traditional Collection

The Traditional Collection from Solidor brings classic door styles into the modern era. Each beautifully crafted door style is suited to both traditional and modern properties alike, and will add a touch of elegance to every home

Solidor Composite Door Ainwick Chartwell GreenAinwick

Chartwell Green

Solidor Composite Door Beeston BlackBeeston


Solidor Composite Door Berkeley Duck Egg BlueBerkeley

Duck Egg Blue

Solidor Composite Door Conway White Grain FoilConway

Foiled White

Solidor Composite Door Edinburgh Peakcock BlueEdinburgh

Peacock Blue

Solidor Composite Door HarlechHarlech


Solidor Composite Door London Golden OakLondon

Golden Oak

Solidor Composite Door Ludlow Painswick Agate GreyLudlow

Painswick Agate Grey

Solidor Composite Door Nottingham Black SchawarzbraunNottingham


Solidor Composite Door Stafford French GreyStafford

French Grey

Solidor Composite Door Stirling BlueStirling


Solidor Composite Door Tenby 2 Rich AubergineTenby 2

Rich Aubergine

Solidor Composite Door Tenby 4 Painswick Agate GreyTenby 4

Painswick Agate Grey

Solidor Composite Door Thornbury BlackThornbury


Solidor Composite Door Windsor Anthracite GreyWindsor

Anthracite Grey

Windsor Solid Irish OakWindsor Solid

Irish Oak

The Flint Cottage Collection

The Flint is another one of our latest designs and has been inspired by living in the country

Solidor Composite Door Flint 1 BlueFlint 1


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint 2 CreamFlint 2


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint 3 Chartwell GreenFlint 3

Chartwell Green

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint 4 Golden OakFlint 4

Golden Oak

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint 5 Painswick Agate GreyFlint 5

Painswick Agate Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint Beeston Midnight GreyFlint Beeston

Midnight Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint Solid Duck Egg BlueFlint Solid

Duck Egg Blue

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Flint Square Ruby RedFlint Square

Ruby Red

Plank or Flush style

The Italia Collection

The Italia Collection from Solidor is a new generation of truly contemporary designs which will add a touch of style to your home. Carefully designed and crafted from the finest materials, every door in the Italia collection has a definite style inspired by the Italian passion for design

Each door is handmade in Staffordshire, ensuring the finished product is of an outstanding quality and made as individual as can be. Choose from a range of glass styles and door furniture which have been carefully chosen with the latest fashion and designs in mind. All of the doors in the Italia Collection are also available with Warwick Glass - hand made so no two pieces are ever the same

Solidor Composite Door Italia Amalfi Anthracite GreyAmalfi

Anthracite Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Ancona CreamAncona


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Ancona Solid Golden OakAncona Solid

Golden Oak

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Biella White Grain FoiledBiella

Foiled White

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Bologna Painswick Agate GreyBologna

Painswick Agate Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Brescia French GreyBrescia

French Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Garda Painswick Agate GreyGarda

Painswick Agate Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Genoa Golden OakGenoa

Golden Oak

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Messina RosewoodMessina


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Milano BlackMilano


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Modena Anthracite GreyModena

Anthracite Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Monza Painswick Agate GreyMonza

Painswick Agate Grey

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Naples Schwarzbraun BlackNaples


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Palermo Solid WoodgrainPalermo


Solidor Composite Door Italia Parma Schwarzbraun BlackParma


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Pisa Ruby RedPisa

Ruby Red

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Rimini Irish OakRimini

Irish Oak

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Roma TangerineRoma


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Siena WoodgrainSiena


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Sorrento CreamSorrento


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Trieste GreenTrieste


Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Turin Chartwell GreenTurin

Chartwell Green

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Venice Peacock BlueVenice

Peacock Blue

Plank or Flush style

Solidor Composite Door Italia Verona Duck Egg BlueVerona

Duck Egg Blue

Flush style

Glass Options

Solidor Composite Door Decorative Glass OptionsYou don’t just have a plethora of amazing colours to choose from at Solidor. We have also managed to develop an impressive selection of glass options for those wanting to add a wholly different dimension to their door. Your options include coloured, bevelled and textured glass, which all beautifully complement every single one of our stunning composite door designs. Thoroughly assess each form of glass before commissioning the final design plus The Art Deco Collection

Frame Options

Solidor Composite Door Frame Options
Our composite door range keeps on growing and each design can encompass two contrasting varieties of frame; a sculptured door frame and contemporary chamfered frame. Both options can be adorned in 18 different colour combinations and are manufactured using lead-free materials supplied by Kömmerling, the experts when it comes to PVCU extruders. We can also give you access to low thresholds from Stormguard, all of which are mobility friendly

Side Panels

We can also offer matching side panels for our full range of doors in full height and half height options

Choose a contrasting colour door frame to the door for added impact when you’ve got a large door area, as it will add depth and style to your property

There’s also a complete range of matching glass designs from our extensive range, so your side panel will be in complete harmony with your front door

You can even have the option for the letterbox to be inserted into your side panel

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel BresciaBrescia

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel HarlechHarlech

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel LudlowLudlow

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel MilanoMilano

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel NottinghamNottingham

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel TenbyTenby

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel ThornburyThornbury

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel Fully GlazedFully Glazed

Solidor Composite Door Side Panel Flag Window Half GlazedFlag Glazed Side

Solidor Composite Door Plank Cottage Style with Central Glass in Painswick Agate Grey with Traditional Handle and Knob
Solidor Composite Door Plank Cottage Style with Central Glass in Painswick Agate Grey with Traditional Handle and Knob in Open Position


It's reassuring to know that our composite doors are arguably the most secure on the market, featuring insurance and Police approved locking systems.

Solidor Composite Door ABD Master Security CylinderABS Master

We know protecting your home and family is important. Knowing your door is fitted with an ABS Master lock will give you the peace of mind you’re doing all you can, to do just that

This 3-star, tried and tested British Kitemarked approved cylinder creates a barrier if it’s attacked. Avocet are so sure of its high performance; they’re willing to offer £2000* if it’s snapped by a burglar!

Solidor Composite Door Ultion Secure CylinderUltion Lock

It seems only fitting that the UK’s most secure composite door now features the country’s most secure locking system; the Ultion

It’s called the ‘Ultion’ because it offers the ultimate in locking protection, all with a £2000 homeowner guarantee*, capable of sensing an attack and subsequently engaging via a hidden lock to prevent intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice

Analysis has shown that the Ultion easily outperforms the very best 3 star locks in a variety of different tests and when locked, stays locked

No key, no chance of burglary; the Ultion really is that good

Solidor Composite Door LockLock Door HandleLock Lock

With Lock Lock, better security is built right in. Because when you lock a door featuring Lock Lock, you lock the spindle. This patented design features a simple, super-safe switch which replaces the need to turn a key to lock your door. There's no fuss, no risk and no searching for keys. You simply press down the switch and your door is more than locked. It's Lock Locked. So your family is better protected. Instantly

Solidor Composite Door AV4 Winkhaus AutoLock Slam ShutAV4

Winkhaus AV4 Autolock

Introducing the cutting-edge Winkhaus AV4, the newest advancement in automatic multipoint locking systems. With this innovation, your door automatically locks when you close it – no need to lift a handle or use a key.

Enjoy the convenience of an optional daytime latch, providing temporary and flexible entry and exit without requiring a key. The magnetic release feature activates the locking mechanism, safeguarding your door frame and reducing the noise during operation.

Experience 40% lower operating forces, making it effortless to unlock your door using a key or thumbturn. Upgrade to the Winkhaus AV4 for a smarter and more user-friendly locking solution

Solidor Composite Door Avantis LockAvantis Lock

The Avantis Lock is exclusive to Solidor and was recently subject to the very highest testing procedures at a UKAS accredited Test Centre. According to an independent testing house it was 'the strongest composite door yet tested' thanks to the hardware and the fact that the Solidor slab is a solid timber core, rather than a foam filled GRP door that other manufacturers use. This new lock provides the largest and strongest hook and bolt system in the door sector. Like many features from Solidor, this new locking mechanism carries the market's first 25mm triangulated dead bolt, which makes for greater compression and security on a closed door. Another key feature is the deadlock, which also operates from the action of lifting the handle, rather than a key turn

The Avantis lock easily passed PAS 24 for security, which requires that the lock can sustain a manual attack for three minutes. In fact after two men had attacked the door for five minutes, they gave up to test the Solidor hinge, which also comfortably exceeded the required specification. Look at our video to see for yourself just how secure our doors are. Solidor can boast that not only are their doors some of the most secure in the market, they are also some of the most innovative!

Solidor Composite Door Heritage Key Windup LockKey Wind Up

Our Key Wind Up locking systems are used on doors where there is no locking handle, but traditional pull door furniture. Typical Edwardian and Georgian period doors had large pull handles and knobs and also our luxurious Italia Collection features the Key Wind Up locks, to enable the introduction of some very striking contemporary door handles. We also incorporate Key Wind Up locking when our traditional hand made antique door furniture is specified. Behind the Key Wind Up lock is an STV Cobra 2 mechanism, which is tested in accordance with DIN18103 (burglar resistant doors) and approved by major UK insurance companies

The deadbolt and hooks are thrown by turning the key and it also features a secure locking mechanism using sintered metal gears, which ensures a long service life. The STV Cobra 2 has been tested in accordance with PAS23 & PAS24 standards and the deadbolt can withstand in excess of 4.5kN end load, to comply with the additional Police 'Secured by Design' initiative. Reliability is provided by the fact that it has been endurance tested to 100,000 cycles and 30,000 cycles under load

Solidor Composite Door Heritage AV2 Door PullHeritage AV2

As you would expect from a pioneer in the composite door market, we've pulled off yet another first in the door market with the introduction of the AV2 Heritage Door Lock. This new lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the standard Key Wind Up and traditional rim lock used on our doors. Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven't lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and Edwardian period doors and it has been a topic of discussion for the composite door sector

The AV2 Heritage Locking System has the euro profile locking cylinder at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder and the lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed. This key feature means that an external lever handle is not required to operate the locking points and the lock can be opened externally by turning the key a quarter of a turn or deadlocked with an additional full turn. From the inside, the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn, again with a quarter turn. The door is automatically locked when closed from the inside or outside and the key is then required to gain entry from the outside. The AV2 has been engineered and manufactured in Germany as a quality product and is Police Secured by Design and PAS23/24 accredited

 Solidor Composite Door Nuki Plus and Ultion Bolt Smart Lock

Digital Smart Locks

The Ultion Nuki Plus and BOLT Lock has been added to Solidor's security range

This smart handle can help to solve all your security needs. Features include: - Compatibility with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. Auto unlocking features and Wi-Fi connection so that you can unlock your door from anywhere. Guest keys for easier access

Find out more on the Nuki PLUS Smartlock here

Solidor Solid Core Composite Door AccessoriesA wide range of accessories

We have a fine selection of beautiful accessories for our composite doors including an array of elegantly styled and finished hinges, handles, letter plates and door knockers. Whether you’re seeking a modern or traditional looking composite door, you will find an accessory to really make your Solidor stand out

Solidor Solid Core Composite Door Secure Cylinder GuaranteeSecurity - Secure as standard

Britain’s most secure composite doors have just got even better thanks to Ultion. Fitted as standard in every Solidor, this revolutionary locking system will when locked, stay locked. Leaving a key on the inside of the lock won’t affect its performance, plus you can have as many keys cut as you like

If a break-in occurs as a result of lock snapping, Ultion will give you £2000

Solidor Solid Core Composite Door Core Hardwood CentreSolid timber core

All of our composite doors are based on our proven 48mm design that is 10% thicker than our nearest competitors and offers incredible around-the-clock protection. The added thickness of a Solidor is because it is manufactured from a solid timber core, which helps make it the most durable composite door on the market

Becky & Nigel on why they chose Solidor & Residence 9

When Becky and Nigel decided on a self-build for their dream home in Shropshire, they chose Solidor and Residence 9 as the perfect combination for their doors and windows. Watch Becky here

The Padley Family

The Padley Family - One Solidor wasn't enough for the Padley family. Having been so pleased with their new front door, they've now replaced the back door with a Solidor too. Ellie Padley tells us all about it in this video

Note where Colour Match frame available, door slab (moving part) will be a deep grain, door frame with be a lighter grain which matches PVCu Window Frame colours

Standard Colours

All Included in the base price of the door, these original colour choices are truly the famous five we began with and remain popular always

White Deep Grain

Blue Deep Grain

Ruby Deep Grain

Green Deep Grain

Black Deep Grain

Premium Colours

A little extra on the standard price of the door for some of todays most popular colours

Forest Deep Grain

Truffle Deep Grain

Buttercup Deep Grain

Pistachio Deep Grain

Pottery Deep Grain

Pebble Deep Grain

Granite Deep Grain

Anthracite* Deep Grain

Cream* Deep Grain

White* Grain

Golden Oak* Deep Grain

Rosewood* Deep Grain

Schwarzbraun* Grain

Luxury Colours

A step up from Premium Colours in terms of price, offering a range of subtle colours and texture's for today's most desirable colours

Twilight Deep Grain

Tangerine Deep Grain

Midnight Deep Grain

Duck Egg Deep Grain

Chartwell* Deep Grain

French Deep Grain

Irish Oak* Deep Grain

Painswick* Deep Grain

Peacock Deep Grain

Installed Solidor Solid Timber Core Composite Door Gallery

Inspiration of what other Solidor customers have done to improve their home with a Solidor Solid Timber Core Composite Door

It's all in the detail...

The Solidor Furniture Selection is wider and more exciting than ever with styles to please contemporary, classic, heritage and traditionalists alike!

View or Download the Brochure

Dimensions include Fixed Frame Min Width Max Width  Min Height Max Width
Single Doors     
Raised & Fielded Panel Styles 843mm 1013mm  2003mm 2163mm
Plank or Flush Panel Styles600mm 1013mm  1953mm 2163mm
Deduct from height restrictions for
Low PVCu Threshold 14mm 14mm
AM3 & AM3 Short 32mm 32mm
AM5 (Open Out) 33mm 33mm
Composite Side Panels     
Raised & Fielded Panel Styles 413mm 573mm   
Plank or Flush Panel Styles 413mm 573mm   
Glass Side Lights     
Fully Glazed 260mm 710mm   
Glazed with Midrail 260mm 1024mm   
Glazed 600mm 1013mm  260mm 600mm


Arched Slab Doors

Solidor Solid Core Composite Door Arched Doors

Special Order Arched Slab Doors are available in the following styles

Conway, Stafford, Thornbury, Verona, Flint 1, Bologna, Flint 2, Ancona, Flint 3, Roma, Flint 4, Turin, Flint 5, Monza, Flint Square, Flint Solid/Ancona Solid Pisa, Parma, Amalfi, Naples

Arched Frame Doors

Solidor Solid Core Composite Door Arches Side Screens and Fanlight

Special Order Arched Frame Doors with Square Door Slab are available in all the available styles

As Approved Installers for Solidor Solid Timber Core Composite Doors, we offer our dedicated survey and install service throughout South Wales including Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Usk, Monmouth, Brecon, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Merthyr areas and beyond

Made in the UK

Our Solidor Doors and Screens are individually made in Stoke-on-Trent UK

Solidor Frequently Asked Questions

What colours combinations are available

We supply our doors in 27 fabulous colours that can be used in any door style.
We can use any colour on either side of the door, in any combination!
Colours available with a matching outer-frame are denoted by *

Twilight Grey 
Forest Green
Midnight Grey
Ruby Red
Truffle Brown
Buttercup Yellow
Pottery Blue
Pebble Grey
Ruby Red
Anthracite Grey *
Chartwell Green
Cream *
French Grey
White Grain
Golden Oak *
Painswick *
Irish Oak *
Peacock Blue
Rosewood *
Duck Egg Blue
Schwarzbraun Black *
Flat White *

The combinations of available frame colours are:
Same colour internally and externally
Select a  * Colour externally, with standard White internally

The only exception is White Grain which comes internally and externally only

What is the guarantee on my Solidor?

We offer an up to 10 year warranty across the Solidor range
To check the full warranty terms and what's covered, see our Warranty information

What glass designs have optional backing glass?

Glass Designs
We have a large selection of  attractive decorative lead and bevel patterns which come with a “built in” textured, obscure or clear backing glass glass . Therefore, these units do not require an additional backing glass to be selected. These specific designs are listed below

Other Glass Designs
If you see a glass design in our brochure that is not listed above, it will be a double glazed unit and eligible to have a backing glass selected as we have the option to use a textured / obscure backing glass from the Pilkington range with any of these designs as they are manufactured on site in Stoke on Trent, along with the doors in our factory

AbstractDouble Glazed
BlindDouble Glazed
BrillianteDouble Glazed
CaledonianDouble Glazed
ClarityDouble Glazed
DorchesterDouble Glazed
EleganceDouble Glazed
Etched SquaresDouble Glazed
LinearDouble Glazed
London Etch BorderDouble Glazed
MatrixDouble Glazed
ModenaDouble Glazed
Park Lane BespokeDouble Glazed
PotomacDouble Glazed
PrairieDouble Glazed
ReflectionsDouble Glazed
RoyaleDouble Glazed
SimplicityDouble Glazed
VictorianDouble Glazed
Zinc Art StarDouble Glazed
FairmountTriple Glazed
ParamountTriple Glazed
TateTriple Glazed
GaumontTriple Glazed
WilternTriple Glazed

How do I obtain additional keys for my Solidor?

When ordering your door, it is important to choose whether you would like to have either 6 keys or 3

If you have chosen an Ultion Secure Cylinder, you can contact  Brisant-Secure Ltd email address:  [email protected] 01924 410200

Brisant will be able to order and dispatch extra keys direct to you, usually within just a day or so. For pricing and options, please contact Brisant directly

Can I paint my Solidor?

It’s natural to think about painting our doors as the finish has an authentic timber look. However, it is not faced with timber and is finished with an ABS plastic skin and a UPVC edge banding material. This finish combined with our solid timber core means the door is virtually maintenance free and will never require painting.
If you wish to paint the face of one of our doors or have it sprayed a different colour, it can be done but we must emphasise that the door is not designed to be sprayed. Should you take on this task, please be aware that your warranty will not cover any damage to the skin or its finish

What is the u-value of my Solidor?

U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-value is, the better the material is as a heat insulator. There is a balance between achieving optimum benefit that you will receive from a door which is opened many times a day and achieving high security standards. As of 15 June 2023, doors fitted into existing dwellings must achieve 1.4 W/(m2.K)

Solidors have a thermally efficient design that achieves a U value of 1.4 W/(m2K). Our timber core doors have added design features that drive an overall performance improvement and allow us to offer customers the same broad range of choices, suitable for any installation

How do I look after my Solidor?

For information on what maintenance is required for your Solidor, read the Solidor Maintenance Guide here

*Walnut has been discontinued by Solidor on 26th August 2022, White Foil Slab on 30th November 2022