Typical Price Points for Composite Doors Front and Rear Door Combo

We've put together these pricing examples, which are based on some of our customers most popular choices, so you can see price points for different styles, sizes, colours and materials at a glance

Remember it is always wise to get a full product specification and written quotation for every project you are planning - from one window through to a new house build, so when you are ready, just get in touch with us and we will be pleased to assist

Price isn't everything, but it's a good starting point

Price should never be the be all and end all of your buying decisions, otherwise, you will probably end up being disappointed with your purchase, and spending more in the long-run

However we all recognise that price is an important part of the selection process, and it is always good to know what you should expect to pay for products within each range so you can start making your choices

Composite Doors Combo Offer

Front and Back Door Combo

your choice of

Front Door in White, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Chartwell or Anthracite Grey

Back Door in White


For our Combo Door examples, all outerframes are in Flat White. Other options are available at different price points


For our Combo Door examples, the doors include a quality Lever Handle in either White, Polished Chrome or Polished Gold. The Front Door can also include a matching Letterplate at no extra cost

Other options are available at different price points


You can choose either Clear or from a range of Textured Privacy Glass in both doors

Decorative glazing and Satin are available at different price points


We include a Technical Survey, Delivery and Installation with each project

Textured Privacy Glass Options

Autumn Texture Privacy 3

Contora Texture Privacy 4

Cotswold Texture Privacy 5

Digital Texture Privacy 3

Everglade Texture Privacy 5

Flemish Texture Privacy 1

Minster Texture Privacy 2

Oak Texture Privacy 4

Reeded Texture Privacy 2

Stippolyte Texture Privacy 4


List £3,220

ShopLOCAL £2,971


List £3,267

ShopLOCAL £3,015


List £3,426

ShopLOCAL £3,158


List £3,487

ShopLOCAL £3,213


List £3,540

ShopLOCAL £3,261


List £3,605

ShopLOCAL £3,319


List £4,134

ShopLOCAL £3,795


List £4,512

ShopLOCAL £4,136


For Installed Projects, we also include a Technical Survey for accurate measurements and site assessment


For Installed Projects, a FENSA Registration & Certification Fees (per order, not per item) of £27 applies and is Included


includes a FREE 10 Year Insurance Backed Home-Pro Warranty, and we will include a FREE Technical Survey

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How do we arrive at these prices?

These price points are typical examples of our customer's most popular choices in Composite. They are real price points, which if you select the same system, colour, size, and style, will be the sample price as you will be quoted

And of course, you are welcome to take off your ShopLOCAL Savings, if you live close enough to us

These typical examples were last spot-checked on Wednesday 20th September 2023 and actual pricing can vary from time to time, both up and down

Composite Door price examples are based on the shown Composite Doors from our Favourite Brands with Smooth White Frame, with your choice of inline lever hardware in a range of colours. Toughened double glazing throughout. Other options are available

What's included in our price examples?

  • A comprehensive Technical Survey
  • An Energy Efficiency Rating or u-Value Calculation as required under FENSA Regulations
  • Security Multi-point Locking
  • Double Glazing - we toughen or laminate every piece of glass we sell for your safety and security
  • Hardware - lockable handles on all opening windows, inline handles on all doors
  • Warranty - up to 10 year Heronhurst Warranty, 10 Year Insurance Backed Warranty plus on selected items, Manufacturers Extended Warranties

When installation is selected, we also include

  • Full installation including trims, sealants and fixings
  • Removal and safe disposal of your existing windows and doors, with high levels of Recyling (typically up to 92% per month of windows and doors removed) or UpCycle for free re-use within home or community projects where possible
  • FENSA Registration & Certification on all replacement windows and doors in domestic dwellings - this costs just £27 per project, not per item

Can I pay less than these examples?

  • You can find out and apply online via our ShopLOCAL page
  • We encourage all customers to shop locally where possible, because service, pricing and environmental impact is typically better