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The easy answer to all these questions is "yes!" but can they prove it? Make sure you get your answered backed up in writing

Q. Do they offer BFRC "A" Rated or above Energy Saving Windows as standard?

Q. Can they provide a BFRC Certificated Document and Licence Number?

Q. Do they provide a long term comprehensive warranty backed by a company who has been around at least a few decades?

Q. Are their PVCu frames steel reinforced or simply plastic throughout?

Q. Do you get to choose between PVCu, Composite, Aluminium and Timber?
Q. If you choose Aluminium, is there multiple frame styles, not just one?
Q. If you choose Timber, is it advanced Engineered Timber, not just basic joinery that will warp and require constant maintenance
Q. Are your quotes descriptive so you know what you are having, with visuals so you can check styles
Q. Are the frames manufactured to BS7412 standards?
Q. Do they offer you a choice of  Chamfered, Sculptured and Flush Windows and Doors?
Q. Do they offer a range of composite door systems to ensure the one you choose perfectly fits your style and needs, rather than just try and sell you the only one they offer?
Q. Do they provide a maintenance guide for your new Windows and Doors, so they work well, for longer?
Q. Are their PVCu windows and doors made from lead free plastic?
Q. Do they collect and recycle their old waste PVCu windows and doors, rather than send to landfil?
Q. Do they offer you the upgrade to police backed "Secure by Design" security?
Q. Are they members of FENSA - the largest industry certification board?

Any queries you may have can be answered by our experienced team on 01873 877670