Colour your life

ColourLAB Bespoke Colours

Show your home some love, with Windows and Doors perfectly colour matched to your homes unique character. From RAL™ and British Standards™, through Pantone™ - even Farrow and Ball™ or Little Greene™ paints, and many more

Whatever your home deserves, we can deliver the colour that matches it's character

PVC, Plastics and Composites


For uPVC Windows and Doors, we start with your choice of Grain or Smooth Base, and then apply either a laminate foil in the colour of your choice from a select range, or spray colour it, very much like what is done for a car with our ColourBond™ system


For Composite Doors we take the grained or textured door slab and colour in either one or both sides in the colour - or even multi-colours - of your choice using our ColourBond™ system



Aluminium is Polyester Powder Coated using the ColourCoat™ process for extreme durability and long life colour-fast performance. This process limits our Aluminium to the RAL CLASSIC range of colours



We can ever provide a durable finish to your hardware using ColourWare , from hinges and handles, through letterboxes and knockers

This season's on-trend colours

Light Ivory RAL 1015
Pastel Blue RAL 5024
Basalt RAL 7012
Oyster RAL 1013
Pale Green RAL 6021
Papyrus RAL 9018
Reed RAL 6014
Stone RAL 7030

The Process


Preparation is key to great results. Each Window or Door is carefully prepped to remove any residue from manufacture, and prepare the surface for the colour coating


Multi-layers of paint are applied to the Window or Door, and dried for up to 7 hours between coats to ensure the perfect finish


Each finished Window and Door is hand inspected carefully and quality approved



We can produce all our RAL colours in a Semi-Gloss finish


We can produce all our colours in a Semi-Matt finish


This is just the same as when you decorate around your home, colours take slightly differently and reflect light to different levels on different surfaces - however they all work well together and look great


With a whole range of Windows, Doors and Accessories to the ColourLAB™ Compatible range, and these will be identified on our website by this badge - and we're adding more all the time!

Good to know


The ColourLAB™  service comes with a warranty for your peace of mind

Our ColourBond™ and ColourCoat  comes with a 5 Year Warranty against peel or significant fade.  ColourWare  comes with a 2 Year Warranty

Of course, providing do accidental or purposeful damage is cased to your Windows and Doors, the colour will shine for many more years than the warranty

Repair or Recolour

Almost everything we sell with ColourLAB™ range and be repaired should the worst happen, or re-coloured should your tastes changes. And for most items, without the need to remove and refit the Window or Door

This service is exclusively available from us on our own Windows and Doors as we do not offer a third party service currently


ColourLAB is a bespoke service, with specialist application which takes time, and paints that last. As a one-off service,  ColourLABpricing depends on a number of factors from paint colour, surface coverage and overall quantities. It's not cheap, but very effective and unique

You can always ask for a price on your project with a stock finish and then using our  ColourLAB service so you can see if it is worth it to you


Colours shown on our website, digital displays or on printed documents are for guidance or reference only, and cannot recreate a perfect match to the original colours. Please refer to official paint charts of your chosen paint supplier, or for select suppliers view in-studio, to ensure the colour, intensity and sheen is what you expect

We are unable to accept liability for any displayed colour inaccuracies, and luminous elements and multi-tone effects are excluded from our service