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ReAL Aluminium Windows

Thin and Flat Contemporary Style or Traditional Bevelled

Our ReAL range of WIndows and Doors are currently offered to our existing ReAL customers only - take a look at our Sheerline, Aluco and RAUM range as an alternative

Your Heronhurst advisor will help you decide which window system is most appropriate for your project and explain the differences

Square Contemporary

Style 1 (Systems #1 and #2)

The square-edged appearance of the ‘Contemporary’ window option provides clean, slim sightlines and a modern finish to any home

Its appearance complements the REAL Bi-folding and Sliding Patio Door range


Featured Classic-al

Style 2 (Systems #3, #4 and #5)

The elegantly sculptured ‘Classic-al’ window represents a new era in the development of aluminium windows

Combining the traditional appeal of timber but with slimmer sections and the trusted performance of aluminium. This exclusive REAL Aluminium design features softened lines to give a really classic look


Our standard range of colour finishes include

Gloss White, Matt Black, Anthracite Grey and Anthracite Grey on Gloss White available on our super fast turnaround

All other RAL Colours available on demand from a pallet of over 300 colours, all in Matt, Satin and Gloss effects plus exclusive textured finishes for a distinctive look that is all your own

Colour combine with any colour frame, any colour sash, outside and inside

ALUMINIUM - The Finer Choice

Improvements to aesthetics and thermal performance differentiate today’s aluminium products from those of the eighties and nineties. You only have to look around to notice that slim aluminium is fast becoming the ‘product of choice’ for windows, doors and roofs

Your choice of windows and doors will transform your home or building project and represents an important investment. Aluminium is the preferred material of astute architects looking for longevity, performance, good looks and superb life-time value for money...why would 
you, as a discerning homeowner, choose anything else?

Whatever the style of your home, be it traditional or modern, the REAL Aluminium range offers distinctive styles and designs to suit


Easy-Clean Hinges

Optional easy-clean hinges let you slide your window open to one side allowing you to easily clean both sides of the glass from inside the home. These have the added benefit of opening to almost 90°, giving an unobstructed view from your room and creating an easy fire exit

 Glass Decorations

For a truly traditional look, tailor your windows with glass decorations such as astragal, Georgian or decorative lead bars

Dummy Sashes

If you have an eye for detail you may wish to consider ‘dummy sashes’ to give that truly symmetric design

Window styles that have a combination of opening and fixed areas can look a little uneven due to the frame design. A dummy sash allows you to balance the sight-lines and create a more uniformed look

* required for system 1 & 3

Also available to complement the range are

  • Single Doors
All glazed, solid or mixed and custom designed

  • French or Double Doors
Maximum opening space for openings between 1,000mm and 2,000mm widths

  • Bi-Folding Sliding Doors
Panoramic opening bringing the outside in, available in segments from 2 through to 6 and in widths from 1,400mm to 6,0000mm

  • Super-slide Patio Doors
The most popular and easiest to operate, and also giving a modern look to any space - giving the opportunity to have large glazed walls that move

  • Flush Stacking Super-slide Patio Doors
The latest advancement of the patio, our Flush Stacking Super-slide Patio Doors have all the benefits of our standard Super-slide but with only an internal handle that enables the panes to slide back further and rest almost inline with each other, maximising the opening and views, and resulting in a neater open position

Get the look you want

When choosing windows, doors or lantern roofs for your home you will want to choose products which are going to look their absolute best both when installed and for many years to come

Slim window frames are a must to maximise the amount of natural light entering your home, especially in smaller openings or where Georgian bars are fitted

Compared to a typical PVCu window, the REAL Aluminium window frames are up to 50% slimmer, allowing the maximum amount of natural light into your home whilst giving a finer ultra-slim appearance

High strength

Aluminium, by its very nature, is a strong material compared to PVCu and doesn’t require additional reinforcements

Security and safety features

It will come as no surprise that the REAL Aluminium windows and doors incorporate many security features 
as standard and will defend your home against the most determined intruder

All windows and doors within the REAL Aluminium range are independently tested by BSI for critical aspects of security. Hinges, locks, handles and glazing are all checked not just once but time and time again for consistency and quality

In addition to security, a BSI Kitemark proves a product has been tested on an ongoing basis to make sure that standards do not slip or change over time. The REAL Aluminium range has been rigorously tested, proving they keep the wind and rain at bay; an important consideration for windows and doors in the UK**

The enhanced security multi-point locking systems designed, developed and tested in the UK to deliver the highest levels of performance, offer homeowners security and peace of mind

Each lock features a combination of hooks and anti-lift bolts for greater security. Windows have added protection to strengthen hinges

High-security hinge guards are available on all REAL Aluminium windows and doors for added security. So, in the unlikely event of an intruder attacking the hinges rather than the locks, these devices prevent the door or window from being pushed/pulled open. This is particularly valuable on open-out doors as the hinges are on the outside

Keep your family safe with restrictor hinges to prevent risk of falls. Allowing the window to open only partially is important for a child’s room or low-level windows. These hinges have an override to allow full opening in an emergency


The goal is to let visible light in, whilst keeping solar heat out in the summer and radiant heat in during the winter.

Increasing comfort and offering energy savings for the home

With energy bills rising, thermal efficiency remains the number one priority when making home improvements. Loss of heat from inefficient windows, doors and roofs plays a major part in the comfort or usability of living spaces (especially orangeries and extensions) and can result in high energy costs

Designed and engineered with performance in mind, REAL Aluminium’s thermal performance allows for superior thermal efficiency. Whether renovating a living room with a bi-folding door, or building an extension with a lantern roof, you can be sure to create a comfortable living space all year round with REAL Aluminium

Thermal barrier technology

The REAL Aluminium window and door range is enhanced with innovative polyamide thermal barrier technology, enabling the windows and doors to exceed the energy performance requirements of current UK Building Regulations

The polyamide thermal barrier reduces heat loss and enhances the overall U Value of a product, allowing REAL Aluminium casement windows to achieve a Window Energy ‘A’ Rating when used in conjunction with the correct double- or triple-glazed unit

The materials used in all products from the REAL Aluminium range have a very high resistance to heat transfer from the inner face of the frame to the external face of the frame, giving improved thermal efficiency and reduced condensation

Energy ratings

Windows are assessed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and rated using a familiar A to G scale on the basis of their total energy efficiency, where an A-rated window is more energy efficient than a G-rated window. This rating covers the frame material, the frame design, the glass type and all the other components that make up the window

Energy-rating performance is calculated using the special properties of the window frame, the glass coatings, and the gasses used in the sealed glass unit

Each energy-rated window will be supplied with a rating showing its energy performance and could be a valuable factor should you decide to sell your home in the future

Quality controlled manufacture assessed by BSI to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, License No. FM40322

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and when recycled uses just 5% of the total energy needed to produce frames from scratch

 *Dependent on height and glass weight restrictions – ask your advisor for details. **Certain door threshold options may not be covered by the BSI test regime

ReAL Smart Windows and Doors

Core Colours

The on-trend colours for this season, and year-on-year favourites

Available with an internal finish of

  • Traffic White RAL 9016 (S)
  • Any RAL Colour (XL / SP)

Available with an internal finish of

  • Traffic White RAL 9016 (S)
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 (S)
  • Any RAL Colour (XL / SP)

Available with an internal finish of

  • Traffic White RAL 9016 (S)
  • Jet Black RAL 9005 (S)
  • Any RAL Colour (XL / SP)

Bespoke Powder Coating

Choose any standard Classic RAL Colour outside and either the same inside, or something different

Over 300 colour options

Available with an internal finish of

  • Traffic White RAL 9016 (S)
  • Any RAL Colour (XL / SP)
These textured colours are only available within our RAUM range of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Available with an internal finish of

  • Coatex Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Available with an internal finish of

  • Coatex Jet Black RAL 9005 (S)

Available with an internal finish of

  • Coatex Space Grey RAL 9008 (S)

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Made in the UK

Our ReAL Aluminium Windows, Doors and Screens are individually made in Gloucestershire UK


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