The Secure Composite Door

Protect what you love

Welcome to Residor From the everyday trips, to work or the supermarket, to those life changing adventures, like a summer holiday or the first day of school, it’s important to know that no matter what life throws at  you, your home is safe and sound

Introducing Residor

A new, affordable foam core door, brought to you by the people that make Solidor. Most foam filled doors on the market are coated with a 1.6mm plastic skin, which offers a low level of security and fails to pass the most recent security regulations

Residor, on the other hand, has a 3.6mm skin that complies with the most up to date PAS24:2016 security test guidelines. It also comes fitted with an Ultion cylinder that offers a £1000 break-in guarantee

Stunning Looks

Residor looks great and is available in a wide variety of styles, and because we supply any colour, you can choose the perfect door for your home

We’ve been handcrafting doors in Great Britain for over twenty years, so we know what matters most

When it comes to your home, it’s not just important to protect the contents of your building, it’s essential to protect what you’ve spent your lifetime building

Most Secure


When it detects an attack, a hidden lock within the Ultion cylinder automatically engages, so that even when snapped twice, nothing gets past it. Leaving a key on the inside of the lock won’t affect it’s performance, unlike most doors

Offering Sold Secure ‘Diamond Standard’ security, Ultion has passed tests that even the finest 3 star locks can’t achieve, making it the UK’s best and most secure lock - offering a £1000 break-in guarantee!


Glass Reinforced Plastic doors (GRP) are made by coating a foam slab with a tough plastic skin. Most other GRP doors are just 1.6mm thick, and so fail to meet security standardsAt 3.6mm, Residor is more than twice as thick as the majority of GRP doors on the market. It also complies with PAS24:2016 and is Secured by Design


Add a splash of colour...

Standard Door Colours

All colours shown except Anthracite Grey come as standard, with Anthracite Grey as an optional extra

Frame Colours

A White Frame comes as standard, with optional Anthracite Grey on White or Rosewood on White as optional extras

Special Order Door Colours

Have a particular door colour in mind?

No problem!

With Residor you can choose any RAL colour - although this does cost a little more, and take a little longer to manufacture

The Turnberry in Green - Etched Art Fusion Glass

The Turnberry

A modern take on a traditional cottage style

With its elongated glazed unit is the perfect choice if you want to let additional light into your hallway

Keep it traditional with glass styles such as Zinc Art Classic or add some drama with the Potomac

The Chilwell in Blue - London Glass

The Chilwell

The natural choice if you're looking for natural light

With such a large area of glass, you really have a great opportunity to personalise your door. You could adopt a more subtle approach and fit a London design (pictured). Alternatively you can make more of a statement and go with the Abstract style

The Gosforth in Blue - Bullseye

The Gosforth

A cottage style door with a traditional design, built using modern materials

Gosforth Solid

Full range of Styles and Options available

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