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Lumi Maintenance Guide
Looking after your Lumi Windows and Doors

LUMI Window and Door Care and Maintenance

Your LUMI system is a high quality and durable product. In order to maintain its appearance and trouble free operation please follow these simple guidelines

Painted Surfaces, GRP and Foiled Frames 

Painted surfaces, GRP and foiled frames should be cleaned once a month using a soft camel hair brush to remove loose grit and dirt, before wiping the surface with a soft cloth, using warm water and a mild detergent

Abrasive or chemical cleaning products should not be used on any part of your LUMI product

Door Keys

Constant abrasion and/or impact from dangling keys will damage the paint surface in much the same way as you would expect with a car door. We strongly recommend that your door key is kept separate and attached only to a soft fob

Handles, Letterboxes, Knockers, Hinges and other Window and Door Furniture

Door furniture should be wiped with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent once a month. Mechanical parts should be lightly oiled bi-annually

Abrasive or chemical cleaning products should not be used on any part of your LUMI product and furniture. This includes metal cleaners such as Brasso or Silvo

Multi Point Locking System and Cylinder

The locking system should be lubricated bi-annually by applying grease to the hooks, deadbolt, face of the latch and the sides of the rollers. The roller slots should be oiled with a general lubricant

Spray a silicone or graphite based lubricant into the door cylinder twice a year. Never use grease or oil in the door cylinder

Failure to follow any or all of the manufacturer’s instructions may invalidate the warranty

Care and Maintenance Guide kindly reproduced from Lumi Windows and Doors consumer literature, for use with their products
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